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  1. tails

    i like how the 96-98 are sequental, are these tails that will make ours just like that without having those vertical tail? or can someone tell me exactly what this is? lol :shrug:
  2. I dont think it would look as good on our cars.
  3. I agree. I saw it once on a '94 GT and it just looked wierd. Looked more like a malfunction than a sequential signal. Mustangworld has an article on how to do it. http://www.mustangworld.com/ourpics/fcar/sequen.htm
  4. too bad they can't change the timing on these kits just a little to make it more "smooth" from light to light. then for 94-95 taillights it would look like the signal is "pulsing".
  5. u see i'm gettin a 94 gt and it has the 96-98 tails and i would rather the 94-95, so if anyone knows anyone who wants to trade there 94-95's for 96-98's let me know. i need them in either rio red or black