Tailpipe broke off my damn car. LMAO

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  1. My passenger side tailpipe has broken off right behind the muffler. It's dangling by the hook. At least now I know where the rattling is coming from now. I need new exhaust. :mad:
  2. You mean that rattle wasn't coming from inside your head??? :shrug:
  3. No , not this time.
  4. Oh...ok, just checkin'..
  5. Thanks for lookin' out for me.
  6. Buy a used catback off a forum? Cheap and easy fix!
  7. Sounds like a plan.
  8. just cut off the tail pipe
  9. Who needs tails :shrug:

    unless you gotta have em for safety
  10. No need to cut it. I just need to pull it out. Its already broke off.
  11. I do. :shrug:
  12. Yeah, definitely run tails. What does it have for mufflers right now? You could probably just buy new tails if the mufflers are good.
  13. clamp on a new tail until you can get one welded up.

  14. Nah, my exhaust is shot. It's got Flowmasters but they're dead. LOLI just need a whole new set of mufflers and tails. Maybe an H pipe too. I hope not on the H pipe cause I need a catted 1 and they're expensive. :(
  15. Uh hehehe... uh hooo hooo hooo... uh heheheheheh...

  16. You should have a burial for it.. take pictures, have someone from FoMoCo do the scripture reading :p
  17. That happened to me once while racing a trans am, I heard a rattle, saw sparks, and then had to climb under and pull it off. Oh I forgot to mention I was on a date, she got home a lil late.
  18. Just go to a muffler shop and have them weld another one on :shrug:
  19. Wouldn't be worth it.