Tailpipe broke off my damn car. LMAO

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  1. For the tailpipe?
  2. yeah screw tails man lol i got turn downs on my fox and i think it sounds better than any other fox i have heard around here.

    lol better yet is it a lx? just take off one tailpipe and tell everyone on the streets its a 4 banger:rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:
  3. I had it happen once... So I took that aluminum tape you can get at autozone and a piece of clothes hanger to it. Lasted a week and fell off again :)
  4. 4 banger Capri converted to 5.0 with LX tails.
  5. :mad:


  6. Yeah, that would be hilarious.. :rlaugh:
  7. then the one tail would be a perfect tribute to where the car originally started lol
  8. :shrug: :rlaugh:

  9. Won't happen. It will not be driven like that. :nonono:
  10. Dont run dumps, I think they sound horrible, and an LX or Cobra rear bumper needs tail pipes!
  11. dumps are where its at.....but on a lx you need something to compliment that gas tank showing off down there:owned: i have a gt and the tail pipes they offered are lame...and anyone who cuts the rear bumper of a gt is a homo so i put turn downs on it and have never regreted that decision once i love it with my o/r x

  12. Im think im dumpin too.. I have the dynomax race bullets, and i think it will be a pain in the hiney to get a set of LX tails to line up right.
  13. I've still got those two Dynomax #17676 mufflers I was using for my side-exit exhaust, if you want 'em. They're just sitting in my spare room in their boxes, collecting dust. You'll need two 2.5" elbows and two 2.5" straight pieces of tubing, but I've got the hangers for 'em, and they should just clamp right onto your flow tubes. PM me if you want 'em.
  14. I have had dumps on my car with LTs and off road X and there was NO tone, just a noise and resonence. We took those dumps, added tails and stuck them on my brothers 86 with a stock 4 cat H and it sounded 1000000 times better than the dumps. Every dumped set up I have ever heard (minus real race cars or big blocks) sounds better with tails!
  15. /\ Werd to that. Dumps sound like crap unless they have A LOT of motor behind them.