Tailshaft Bushing

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  1. I have a T5 that I tore apart just to check out the internals which look good. Want to put it back together but I want to change the tailshaft bushing. Since it's apart, do I need that special tool or is there another way to remove and install it?
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  3. Anyone ever take just their tailshaft to transmission shop to get this done? Cost?
  4. If a short piece of round stock, aluminum would be nice, slightly smaller (0.010") than the OD of the bushing can be found, or made up, it can be used to drive the bushing out into the housing. The new one installs from the outside. Obviously, the housing must be off the transmission. imp
  5. If the tsilhousing is off, you just need to get a bushing tool and tap it out. A socket or anything slightly smaller works well
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  6. Yeah the tail shaft is off. The whole trans is sitting on my workbench. When you say bushing tool do you mean the expensive one that's like $120 or is there a cheaper one? I assume it could be tapped back into place for installation?
  7. Take the new bushing, and measure it's outside diameter fairly accurately. Not with a yardstick! If you don't have a dial calipers, time you did, or borrow one, learn how to read it. Subtract 0.010" to 0.030" from the new bushing's outside diameter. Lets say it measures 1.750". Find a round piece of metal, a socket wrench is a good choice, if you have a bunch to choose from. Look for 1.740" down to 1.720" diameter. Use that piece to drive the old bushing into the tail housing, then drive the new one into it from the outside. imp

    EDIT: I assume by "tailshaft" you mean tail HOUSING, not the output shaft.
  8. IIRC, when I changed mine out, there was a small notch in one corner of the bushing. I just put a chisel in the notch, and tapped it inwards, folding the bushing in. After that I just tapped it out. Really wasn't a big deal and didn't damage the tailshaft. For install, I put it in place, got a piece of Al slightly bigger, and tapped it down.

    Local parts stores will rent bearing/race install tools