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  1. That thread blew my mind. They all want one... I guess I'd better put my name on a list now. :banana:
  2. lol. gotta love those "loyal" chebbie peeps. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing. It will just make it harder for me to get that new monster if we got all these bandwagoners.
  3. A lot of the ponycar enthusiast don't really have a choice now that the bird and camaro are gone, I would like to see a new camaro just to keep the rivalry going.
  4. Me too! :cheers:

    If GM can keep it's head above water and if a new Camaro does get built (too many if's for my liking), you can be sure the V8 flavor will be faster than the Mustang GT :D (since a new Camaro will surely use the 400 HP LS2 or some variant as found in the C6 and GTO).

    I'm not so sure GM has big enough testicles to give us a Camaro that could respond to the mighty GT500 :hail2: though.

    Heh... it's all good. What fun would would life be without some friendly rivalry and competition.
  5. If GM follows the same trned, the next Camaro or Trans Am will have more displacement and be quicker.

    Or they can still get an LS series V8 in the Vette.
  7. Technically the replacement for the Camaro is the GTO (a 4 seater with an LS1/LS2 like the Camaro), if GM wanted to they could throw the 427 from the 500hp Z06, call it a Judge, and it would be competition for the new Cobra. Though even if they did do that I think the new Cobra has got it beat. No one can deny that it is going to be an amazing car when it comes out with amazing potential. It has looks, plenty of power, and a good price (we can assume). The 2003 Mustang Cobra was big when it was released, this will be bigger, much bigger and wont really have any direct competition.
  8. I think the LS1 & LS2's are competition for the new Cobra as well.
  9. That is too funny. Thanks for the link man. Bring on the Camaro and a new bird. Competition and **** talking is always fun. Anybody got the new Car and Driver? I heard they are quoted as saying the car will be over 3800 lbs and have 475hp. That is kinda chubby and I hope is untrue.
  10. We've discussed this several times.

    You are correct, the GTO is GM's current "replacement" for the Camaro & Trans-Am.

    There will not be a new GM car carrying the name "Camaro" any time soon. GM made an agreement with the UAW and the Canadian government that the Camaro & Trans-Am could only be built at GM's plant in Quebec until the year 2017. That plant was closed in 2002 and has now been torn down, so there will NOT be a Camaro or Trans-Am for many years.

    GM was planning a new RWD platform that would spawn 4 new 2 door RWD cars, Monte-Carlo, GTO, Buick coupe and Buick vert. But this platform has been more or less cancilled for North America. GM N. America is still working on it for 4 door cars only. Holden has taken over the program for 2 door cars (next generation Monaro). Whether there will be a 2nd generation RWD Monaro based Australian GTO remains to be seen.

    By the way, GM canciled the RWD 2 door program so they could focus their resources on getting out a new generation of SUVs sooner. GM seems to have perfect timing these days, putting all their eggs in the SUV market just when it is crashing due to high gas prices makes perfect sense. :bang:
  11. They are not hopping on any bandwagon. In the end, it's not Ford vs. Chevy, it's America vs. Imports and these LS1 guys are "car" guys!

  12. Exactly, in the end, as long as we beat out the imports, i'm satisfied. :cheers: Hilarious thread though. Thats too funny.

  13. Your right, the next Camaro or Firebird or Chevelle or whatever, probably will be faster then the Mustang (if it is ever built) But if as you said they follow the trend then they will also be 5 to 10k more the the Mustang. Then GM will wonder why the Mustang outsells it.

  14. This is not entirely true, in fact that plant in Quebec closed for different reasons than that, go to LS1TECH and run a search. I have been on this website talking about the new Cobra, and it will be in my garage next year as well...The 03/04 cobras were bad ass, but the new Shelby's, come on :banana: As far as the new camaro coming out....It will be built on the same platform as the GTO, with a totally different body, and the same old LS motor...BTW i like ALL DOMESTIC V8's. :D
  15. 1. I did NOT give any reason for the Quebec plant closing, I only said that it had closed and referenced the prior UAW Canadian gov agreement regarding the Camaro nameplate. One of the Hot Rod magazines had a very indepth article on this.

    2. Sorry, but there will not be a new Camaro anytime soon. Althoug 1 rumor floating around is that there will be a Chevy versin of the Pontiac Solstace, with 4 cylinders and a Camaro nameplate on it.
  16. IMO -

    If GM played their cards right a Chevelle SS done right would sell like hot-cakes.

    That is ... as long as they stay musclecar and steer away from design queues as seen with the the new GTO.
  17. Yea, Chevelles are huge right now in the resto/muscle market. A nice sized 5 seater with 400 (LS2) and 500 (LS7) horses would sell like crazy and destroy the Charger, which would probably be its main competition. :nice: The fact is GM has so much potential that they fail to take advantage of, which is why they are getting killed right now. They make a great SUV and a great Sports car, but they need the sporty affordable muscle car. All they have is the GTO which is pretty lacking.

  18. Yea but when was the last time (other than the vette) you've ever seen GM play there cards right, supposedly the new camaro is going to be a retro style and have an ls2 and come around 08 the firebird/Transam will not be returning according to GM big rigs. Doesn't matter any way ford has finally got there ass in gear no way GM will be comp.