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  1. They article i read with quoteing some guy from GM also said a couple yrs ago that the only thing that was for sure was that it would be a rwd v8
  2. knowing GM they could very well do what they did to the Impala and bring a front wheel drive into the mix as well :rolleyes: :D
  3. That was an entertaining thread thanks for the link. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  4. Nothing is "for sure" until it's sitting on a dealer's lot with a window sticker on it.
  5. What a bunch of losers...LS1site = :owned:

  6. Losers? How about the fact it took you almost a month to find/read this thread! Lets be nice to the other forums :nono:. You don't want them talking smack about SN do you?
  7. :rlaugh: I think that is already taken care of. :lol:
  8. LS1 site might be a looser site, but there still a hell of alot quicker then our GT's.


  9. YEAH! LOL, you guys kill me...hehehe.
  10. That's basically true. With my internship I've been doing so many "side projects" into all the cars I find badass that Ford has built before or building soon. The next Cobra is the hardest thing to get info on. But from has been made publicly known and only known within the company(and then the people they leak out info to) the Cobra is going to go head to head with the new Z06, and for cheaper. Like I said, the word isn't official, but my SVT guys are telling me 500 horses. :hail2:
  11. A Cobra right after the release of the Shelby? Guessing a 2009 model?

  12. :stupid: 100%
  13. I think the Shelby is the Cobra mentioned in the above post. SVT is calling it the Shelby Cobra GT500, not just the Shelby GT500.
  14. Correct. And last I heard at the office...ONLY a 2007 run...OH ****! :damnit: