Take A Moment Today To Say A Prayer

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  1. Let's remember what happened 9/11/01 and the 3000+ people who died that day.

    There are still evil people in the world who hate the USA and what we stand for.

    Just thought it was worth posting.

  2. If the evil doers would just drive a mustang there passion would be 5.0's
  3. Was i said day here ill never forget the horror.. I was in the 5th grade heard the planes fly over my school.
  4. I took this picture today. It is actual steel from the WTC set in a memorial in front of a local PD near my home in Maryland. With the 1/2 mast flag between the steel, I thought the picture framed up good.

    Never Forget

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  5. 5th grade!? I was in the navy. Dang makin me feel old bubba I'm not but 31
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  6. I was crawling in some Korean's muddy rice patty when my Sgt got the call that something wasn't right.... Such a sad day
  7. I was in 4th grade. I remember waking up my dad so he could watch the news... My buddy and I competed in the 9/11 remembrance fire fighters challenge out here in Kuwait and ended up winning it. It was definitely a good feeling! 9/11, never forgotten! May those who lost their lives rest easy up there!

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  8. I was a Junior in high school, in history class... I remember it like it was yesterday.
  9. 2 yrs later I was sent to iraq
  10. And now all is right w the world. All problems solved, no poverty, no hunger, world peace and let freedom ring. God bless America
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