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  1. Hey Guys.
    My neighbor is a retired Ford factory worker from Detriot. We talk about fords every time I leave the house as he sits on his porch sometimes giving me his Ford World news paper- Nice old man! Well today- he told me that his son starts work in the Flat Rock palnt in two weeks!!! I said Really!!!That's interesting. I asked if he is gonna help build the mustangs since other cars are being built there now.He said sure is and heis excited since ford wanted to transfer him to Chicago- He then Stated "There are people there now but the assembly line is going 100% " .Meaning Ford is gonna start cranking out the muzzy. Hey I don't want to say they are gonna start crankin em out in 14 days ,but at least all the workers are being called in.I'm sure there will be some training ,but then again I don't know what part of the line he is workin. It's kind of fun walkin to my car when my neighbor is on the porch. He is like MR. FORD!!!! :nice: That's all he talks about ,but that's fine by me!!!!
    Any take on this....??????
  2. Lol, I wish I had a neighbor like that!

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    They should be building a pilot run of 110 - '05 Stangs as I type this. AAI is NOT going flat out building 05 Mustangs right now. But Ford is preparing to have the plant running flat out come September.
  4. 2nd shift training

    AAI is bringing on a second shift to build the Mustang and Mazda 6. The new folks are being brought in for training and they will start the 2nd shift after the mid summer shutdown in July. :banana:
  5. They may be called in to start building all the components that make up a stang this summer... In other words, if you look at how the assembly line works, the put in the dash when it's damn near complete... The assembly line will not run until there is an ample supply of parts. On the assembly line, they don't build the car from the ground up with every little piece. It's done in chunks of preassembled pieces. I'm sure they are building components right now... such as molding door panels, computer boards, assembling dashes to supply the assembly line, making wiring harnesses, the seat chassis, parts for the engines, even assembling engines since the engines get dropped in the car on the assembly line completed (except for hose connections, wires, etc)... This, I beleive is going on... they always start that stuff months before the line rev's up. But, as previously stated by other members: assembled, driveable Stangs will not be coming off the line until Sept.