Engine Takes Too Long To Warm Up

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by orly1, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. It seems like every time that i star the car for the first time it takes like 15 min to warm up to normal temperature it just started about a month ago and is not that cold sometimes is like 60 * f any clues? Thanks.
  2. thermostat stuck on open position?
  3. Or there is air trapped inside the motor. For the V6, it's vital that the correct coolant re-filling procedures be followed exactly.


    The original post does not state the model year of the Mustang. If the motor has a ECT sensor, the air trapped inside the motor will make the gauge read LOW when in fact, the motor is hot.

    The later MY V6's are have a CHT sensor that is not affected by air trapped inside the motor.
  4. i had a BMW for about 5 months, and it was finicky as all get out in the cooling dept... step 1... replace the thermostat... it's only $4 bucks and takes all of 10 minutes to replace... do that with any car you buy used... you gotta have good cooling... step 2 BURP the cooling system...Ford pretty much has a bulletproof system, but pockets of air in the block, heater core, etc do happen if you drain and refill...YOU MUST... fill the radiator, fill the overflow, run the car with heater on HOT and fan wide open... then let car cool... the valve in the radiator cap will allow the overflow to "top off" the radiator as it cools back down... come back later... top it off again... run car... repeat until level in overflow stays the same... you can buy a reservoir type filler that sits atop the radiator and allows you to run the motor with the radiator cap off and add coolant... hence you essentially "burp" the air out... remember to turn the heater on, or pockets of air will be left there... and you will be cold... good luck..