Taking Car For Dyno Tune On 8/4.

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  1. Looking forward to taking my car in for another dyno tune next weekend on Saturday 8/4. I don't believe the car will be tuned on Saturday, rather it is a drop-off date to review my most recent combination changes with the tune. The car is getting tuned again at Md Performance Center in Frederick, who has a SuperFlow Dyno. In case anyone is not familiar with a Super Flow, it is an eddy current dyno which can apply various loads and real world simulated situations to increase the accuracy of tuning as well as provide more accurate numbers as opposed to the industry standard inertia only dynos. Long story short, SuperFlow's tend to read lower than a DynoJet, perhaps think on the lines of a Mustang Dyno. In the near future I will also compare the numbers of the Super Flow to a DynoJet to see how they differ, although given any environmental changes from day to day, I'm certain there will be discrepancies to begin with.
    Regardless here is the run down:

    Previous combo:
    • Dart 331
    • AFR 185
    • Custom Blower cam
    • Edelbrock RPM II upper/lower
    • FMS 65mm Throttle body
    • MSD 50 # injectors
    • D1SC ( self contained ) 4.1:1 step up ratio. Using 6.75" crank, 3.15" blower. Spinning blower to 55350 RPM producing about 12.5lbs of boost.
    • Stock Procharger inlet which had a crushed air filter :(
    • Stock Bosch bypass valve which was later found to be leaking a slight amount of air
    • Fuel system, etc etc.
    Car made 511rwhp, 476 ft/lbs @6300rpm on a SuperFlow.

    Changed made since last dyno:
    • Edelbrock 70mm throttle body (measured the ID of intercooler tubing, and this matches the tubing perfectly )
    • Siemens Deka 80lb injectors
    • D1 (oil fed ) 4.4:1 step up ratio. Using 7.00" crank, 3.4" blower. Spinning blower to 57071rpm, with an unknown amount of boost. I also have a 3.1" blower pulley which will spin the D1 to 62594rpm ( D1 has max rpm of 65000 )
    • Snow Performance Stage II water/methanol with dual nozzle setup
    • Changed air inlet to supercharger head unit, which should allow for another 1-psi of boost
    • Procharger big red race bypass valve.

    Test #1: Will be using 3.4" blower pulley with no methanol
    Test #2: Will be using 3.4" blower pulley with methanol
    Test #3: Will be using 3.1" blower pulley with methanol

    With the above information, anyone want to take a stab at what kind of differences I will see over all? By the end of Test #3, IF the head gaskets hold together I would be happy with 600-620rwhp and 540tq.
  2. Not certain if there is no interest or simply no guesses as to what the above combinations would make, however I have final numbers in the event anyone is interested.

    Test #1: Will be using 3.4" blower pulley with no methanol- Car was only pulled to 5800rpm, and the dyno sheet is posted below. I requested my rev limiter be set at 6200-6300rpm, so there definitely seems to be some power left on the table. D1 made 16psi, with 20 degrees of total timing. Average 11:4 A/F ratio, dipping to 10:9 at a few points, and up as high as 11:9 at others. 626.9rwhp and 564.9ft/lb @5800rpm.
    Test #2: Will be using 3.4" blower pulley with methanol -- No results available. Tuner could not get the methanol tuned in correctly, as I suspect this to be a lack of knowledge/skill with tuning the Snow Performance system, or tuning with dual nozzle methanol to begin with. Although, the tuner claims otherwise.
    Test #3: Will be using 3.1" blower pulley with methanol- Tuner would not run the car with a smaller blower pulley than what I already had. He was uncomfortable running more boost unless I had a higher octane fuel, or in my case I suggested the methanol. Since he could not get the system tuned in well, this step was obviously not going to happen.


    My plan is to go back to another dyno in the spring/summer with the methanol hooked up as well as spinning the motor to 6300rpm where I'm certainly I'll see a bit more boost.
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  4. very good numbers even without the meth working. you surpassed your goals and then some.
  5. Thanks. I'm curious as to how it will compare when I put the car on a DynoJet, as well as spin the motor to where my supposed rev limiter is.