Taking Off Front Emblem

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  1. 2014 mustang, I'm thinking of taking off the horse in the grill , any suggestions -- CHOP
  2. No one has ever done this? C- mon, Oh well I might just plasti dip it first, to see how I like it blacked out, but I know I will OH WELL--- CHOP
  3. Man , Not alot of people on this site ?
  4. I am starting to think the same thing... any other forums worth checking out?
  5. Hey, I was thinking about the same thing. I looked at American Muscle for grill replacements. Saw a grill fairly cheap. Its a billet grill, no horse. some how it fits or covers your original grill, but.... it sounded like to me the people who have installed them had to carefully cut the horse from the original grill. Sounded like alot of trouble to me. I think im just going to order a different grill without the horse. I thought about removing mine to, but im afraid of screwin the whole grill up. You may have a good idea about painting it with plasti-dip.
  6. Well, just finished , about a 1 hour job, start to finish, heres the finished job, I like it looks nice

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  7. Personally, I like the Mustang on the front.

    However, for the price of an aftermarket grille vs. a can of Plasti-Dip, the "spray" method looks pretty good.

    Plus with Plasti-Dip you can just peel it off.

  8. I like it! I've always been a bit partial to the clean look. :nice:

    lol... You posted on a Friday night, after work, during the summer, into a weekend... When people are driving what they've worked on all winter. :D
  9. Yeah, not that hard, not that time consuming either--- CHOP
  10. yes, it does peel right off if you don't like it, Just make sure you tape good and use alot of newspaper, and spray side to side longer than your pony emblem-- CHOP
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  11. Sorry,
    Like the Mustang on the front. It is a Mustang after all ;):SN:
  12. I think I want to try doing the chrome trim, leaving just the pony on front and back.
  13. Like everybody doesn't know it's a Mustang Already, it's personal preference on the small things,it's not like I took the emblem off, just blacked it out-- CHOP
  14. Like I said before it's personal preferense on what YOU want on on YOUR Mustang. I mean every Mustang Shouldn't look like every other Mustang you see on the street, AND there are alot of Mustangs out there-- CHOP
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  15. I wasn't knocking you for blacking yours out. Just saying you inspired me to try my own variation of it.
  16. No prob, I know you meant well--- CHOP
  17. Wouldn't you know it ,first time my wife notices it, she said she didn't like it, I'll give it another week or two and probably peel it off HA-- CHOP
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