Taking The Mustang To The Dyno On Monday...

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  1. Well its time to crank the boost on my car! My brother just installed a set of CompCams beehive valve springs to hold the boost better. Im going to the dyno on monday the 22nd and turning it up to 17lbs for the street and 20+ w/ 110 in the tank for the track. You guys want to play the guessing game?

    Current numbers before the valve springs: 468rwhp/522rwtq on 13lbs SAE breakin tune with little timing and super rich.

    Old Stock engine made: 526rwhp / 535rwtq on 15lbs
  2. 467/521 :hide:
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  3. 17lbs... 575 / 580

    20lbs... 610/615
  4. 560 rwhp at 17psi
    600 rwhp @ 20psi
    640 rwhp @ 22psi if you go that far.
  5. BOOM!
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  6. you should break 600.

    How fast does that 62 spool? our 76 lights off very fast, you must have 0 traction lol.
  7. Full boost around 3500, Well I have a set of MT ET streets on it at all time, so yeah with street tires it use to light them up in 3rd lol.
  8. I'm gonna say at least 600 on the tires, probably closer to 650.

    What time of day is this getting done? If it's later in the evening, I might stop by on the way home from work for a few minutes (if you don't mind).
  9. I should be down there around 10am, but if you cant make it, I will be down at the dyno day on the 28th.
  10. Yea, I won't be able to make it that early. Got work all day long. I'll see you Saturday. :nice:
  11. Having issues on the dyno, tons of boost leaks @ 18lbs, Just got them all fixed, stay tune!
  12. bad news, still leaking boost some where, brother thinks its the valve springs. Its making 18-22lbs @ the turbo and at the intake manifold its only making 14lbs no matter how high we set the boost. Leak tested the whole cold side with no issues. May have to go with another set of valve springs. Not a good day...
  13. that sucks. i hope you guys get it figured out, i was looking forward to seeing some numbers.
  14. Thanks, looks like the spring I had before were :poo:.. They are CompCams 26113-16 (stage 1 springs) and from what I have read about them they are no better than stock... Just ordered a new set from trickflow, TFS-2500525 Twisted Wedge Track Heat Valve Springs kit. Im hoping they will be here by Friday so I can get the car on the dyno by Saturday.
  15. I like the PAC stg2 springs, very stiff bastards lol
  16. Dyno Video,
  17. that thing sounds awesome!
  18. Thanks!

    BTW springs are here! Time to install:cool:
  19. best of luck. i hope they hold the boost. i would think they would but i guess we will find out in the next week or so.
  20. Springs installed



    Trick Flow Track heat spring on the left & CompCam Stage 1 spring on the right


    Trick Flow Track heat spring installed on the left & CompCam Stage 1 spring on the installed right


    After the install, the sound of the engine changed at idle and under load. The boost comes in harder and holds all the way till 6500rpm, I will post another dyno video of the boost before the spring swap.