Taking The Mustang To The Dyno On Monday...

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  1. Video:

    EDIT: and dyno sheet. At 5750 you can see the power drops off fast. Floating the valves at that point..

  2. hmmm... just relized something. im running the comp bee hives and at 56-5700 rpm my power would stop gianing and bobble like spark blow up? wondering it its the valve springs now? im only on 13 lbs tho.
  3. Could be, but you are running a larger turbo than me so who knows. I will have it back on the rollers next Monday, so we will see if the springs fixed the issue.
  4. Off topic, but I'm looking for good tuner, Where are you getting your car tuned at if you dont mind me asking. Thanks.
  5. Check out the link in his signature a few posts up (and mine as well). Piedmont Custom Motorsports. Hands down the nicest acting folks around, and Eric is a GREAT tuner.
  6. Thanks, I just seen the link in both your sigs, gonna give them a call in the morning.
  7. btw Will did you post the video of your car yet?
  8. Will be going up tonight.
  9. This should help out with my boost issues:D


    No more swapping springs, just turn the dial for more fun!

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  10. im running the same one, having trouble getting it to adjust more then a few pounds!
  11. How many times do you need to turn it to add a few pounds?
  12. i turned and turned and go nothing?:scratch:
  13. installed, testing tomorrow.




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  14. Taking the car to the dyno tomorrow, fingers crossed.
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  15. well? whats the word...
  16. Not Good, looks like I blow a piston ring.. Engine has to come out.
  17. Not cool. Was hoping for some huge numbers because alot of guys are wanting to go turbo now, including me thinking about doing it. Can't wait to have you get it putting down 600+
  18. that sucks man.
  19. Removing the engine tonight, checked out cylinder 3 with a bore scope and saw a very small chip missing near the ring. Replacement piston and rings are on order. Also We think there was an issue with the head gasket as well, a little bit of oil was found in the coolant. Upgrading to head studs, too much boost for stock bolts. A quote from my brother "Bob, you need to stop being a cheap ass, im getting tired pulling this car apart."
  20. stop being a cheap ass bob, im tired of waiting on numbers!