Taking The Mustang To The Dyno On Monday...

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  1. Dang, that sucks. I guess it let go just backing into the shop, haha.

    Any chance of it being together for Saturday? If you need an extra set of hands, I'll be around.
  2. Pulling engine apart tonight, I could have a new piston in it by the end of next week, however I want to take this time to get all the other issues fixed. Going to redo the wiring and hydraulic lines this winter, Im also doing the suspension and get a rollcage installed, I think the power the car is going to lay down will put me at mid 130's or higher. The piston breaking was god telling me not to hit the track going at that speed w/ stock struts and shocks with 140,000 miles on them w/o a roll cage.:leaving:


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  3. What rings were you using?
  4. Mahle Rings
  5. Not looking good... All eight pistons need to be replaced. Both head gaskets were blown and leaking coolant into the combustion chambers, and a ton of detonation. Stock head bolts did not hold up well I must say. Heads have some damage, but can be fixed. Block, crank, rods and everything else is fine. Head studs, gaskets, pistons and rings need to be ordered.





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  6. well thats a blower