Talk forum: 2 word story

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  1. Then the . . .

  2. shaking chihuahua
  3. hand-rolled Cuban
  4. imigrant who
  5. burned brightly
  6. Which one? Mickey, Davey, Mike, Peter?
  7. during the...
  8. Barret-Jackson auction
  9. (.)He was
    ^ grammatical marking inserted for Chelle's chronicles

  10. dirty socks

    (c'mon....nose is too easy)
  11. dough crumbs
  12. Hydraulic-ly powered
  13. loufa sponge
  14. Once upon a time, she liked a kitten. Her father kicked my dog, who bit the hand that but then got stuck reaching inside. I shot him in the leg with the crossbow I made from Chevy axles stolen from some stupid bag lady who said I was eating gumbo off of a monkey's cave floor. Then a hungry monkey told me he puked all over his Honda and wiped his greasy caca infested big toe on the other foot from his red ass burnt from GBM. Then some ugly purple llama spat DOT3 and jello all over his girlfriend who smelled like she had just eaten a tire carcass and farted blowing out greasy chunks of roadkill across the striking crowd of sheeple. But then, flashing his little warrior with blue fuzz and a blue colored football helmet hanging over the edge and drooling on her pasta fazul draped with a fuzzy closet monster. Then Zookeeper fought over a banana autographed by Joe Mama and kissed The Hopkinator on his big hairy fish lips and screeched Thank God for Listerine! My mouth is on a football! The monkeys are after my LuckyCharms! The jacuzzi is full of MEN!!!!!!!!!! Run! Run! Run as fast as a paraplegic on crack in a twin turbo go-kart on propane going downhill toward a brick wall/Canadian bonfire where a Christmas confectionary, that appeared halfbaked, made by a canadian who spanked his wife's hockey puck for choking a chicken and spanking one of the Monkees. Then the shaking chihuahua lit a hand-rolled Cuban imigrant who burned brightly during the Barret-Jackson auction. He was picking his dirty socks of cookie dough crumbs with a Hydrolicly powered loufa sponge.

    Suddenly a . . .

  15. trumpet sounded