Talked with a Ford Engineer at the Dallas Auto Show Today DUW

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  1. I asked him about Bill Ford's comment on the sub 20k V8, he didnt deny it. He said all he could tell me right now was the GT will be out in Oct, the vert will be out in Feb/March and there is a GT350 and GT500 in the works that will be out late 2005 (Nov or Dec).

    All I can say about the 2005 GT is WOW! Like everyone who has seen it, it looks way better in person and the pictures dont do it justice at all. Ford has a winner with this one. There was a crowd around it the whole time I was at the show...

    Here are some pics, they are full size 3.3mp, great for desktop backgrounds...

    I have some of the Ford GT if anyone wants them too.

    (if the pics dont load let me know and I will reboot my server)



  2. I feel sorry for the poor soul that tries to load those pictures with 56k.
  3. LOL!

    All but 3 people are looking at the Mustang... what was going on behind it?

    Check out that sweet antenna gap between the rubber and fender!
  4. Thats when the Ford tech was talking about the Ford GT that was behind it, then he talked about the Mustang
  5. Was this actually a Ford engineer who said about the GT350 and GT500? Because this is the third or fourth different story coming from someone to attend a show and hear about those two models. It's starting to give the rumor some credibility here...
  6. Mmm... those body panels are so much tighter than the SN95. The overall fit and finish of this car seems world class to me. I can't wait to test drive one.
  7. He said he was not a salesman but an engineer who worked on designing the drivetrain. Im just telling you guys what he told me and other people at the show. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about, he didnt sound like a salesman just bs-ing his way through questions.
  8. Guys, I think the GTxxx rumors may become a reality...If Ford is going to produce the Shelby Cobra Concept, the SVT
    will probably not get to retain the nameplate, therefore the GTxxx monniker makes sense... :shrug:
  9. Anyone notice the Ford 'Quality 1' apparent on the right front tire?

    It's a left side tire on the right - check the directional arrow.
  10. I think you should grab that Ford Engineer at the Dallas Auto Show in a headlock and choke him until he tell you about the price rumor!
    I dont know thats just me.
  11. Wow...good job at noticing that...I hadn't until you pointed it out. You'd make a good detective :nice:
  12. Interesting.

    A real Ford Engineer would know that typically they are forbidden to talk about future designs and products.
  13. I saw that car in Raleigh, NC a few weeks ago at the car show there. With that tread pattern on the tires, I doubt it's actually a directional. They probably just a combination of two molds to make that tire. It doesn't look like any performance tire I've ever seen, unless you're gonna take that 'Stang muddin'. :rolleyes:
  14. He didn't say anything that we didn't already know.
  15. All I noticed on that tire was a backwards arrow, whoever mounted those tires, mounted them wrong.
  16. I just went to the Minneapolis auto show tonight. They had the base model '05 Mustang there. And yes...the car definitely looks much better in person (even though I love how it looks in the pics). I wish they would have had a GT model....oh well...We'll be seing tons of them on the street in a year.

    This thing looks soo damn good. It's really making my 69 Mach1 vs. 05 GT decision much MUCH harder!!