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  1. Can anyone at late model or one of you guys confirm- Do the tall covers come undrilled for the breathers? I want to run them but i want to drill the passenger side so the factory filler neck is there and the line feeding to the tb is all factory. I have an intake spacer in my garage
  2. I have a set of tall valve covers on my car and they both have holes in them for PCV valves or breathers. But wouldn't it matter specifically which tall sets you're looking at? Mine are Ford Racing ones. Are you talking about a specific set that LRS sells?
    mine are pretty much just like that
  3. yeah the ford racing ones you posted i wanted them in black and red i just dont want to have pcv and idle issues with the breathers.
  4. O'reilly's sells a Mr. Gasket blocking kit. It's just a little rubber grommet that completely covers up the PCV/breather port, that's what I did on one valve cover and on the other I ran my PCV valve because my BBK intake has a screwy PCV port on the lower intake.
  5. ok cool , yeah I had this issue with my old covers on the striker and the Breather is what cause all the issues with idle surge due to those little pockets of un metered air getting in , you have pics of your setup by any chance ?

    I am also seeing if you long gate the throttle cable holes there is no need for a spacer

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  6. I don't have any pictures of it and any pictures I could get would probably turn out bad since the plug is almost all covered up by throttle cable and bracket lol

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  7. BTW I put in a picture of the plugs I was telling you about
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  8. Thanks bro !

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