"Talladaga Nights" Looks So Funny

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  1. I saw the preview last night before i saw Pirates and WOW...it looks so funny...Total play off on NASCAR.... Just makes me love watching Nascar even more. Not for the Driving factor but just because its plain COOL!!!

    If you havent see the preview go watch it on Quicktime.com

  2. car movies ftl

    except gone in 60 seconds
  3. I cannot wait to see "Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" :rlaugh:
  4. Yeah, it looks awsome. I love anything with Will Ferrel doing off the wall stuff. This looks like a good one
  5. that movie looks so ****ing funny. I cant wait for it.
  6. I'm just the opposite, I don't think he's funny what-so-ever. Most of his work has been sub-par at best.

  7. I think its going to be a good movie to go see..
  8. tom cruise use your black magic on me
  9. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: That looks hilarious!!
  10. I'm taking a wait and see on the Talladega movie. I didn't like Anchorman at all (except the one scene where he's "showing"), but I thought Elf was a great movie and thought he was extremely funny in that.:shrug:
  11. Jesus, help me Jewish God.