Tampa Area Car Show/Meet

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  1. Next week? :scratch: That seems wrong.
  2. Hopefully will be in town on the 5th. The NMRA is the 9-12th so you could still go on the weekend, the StangGang is going on the 11-12th. I'm just gonna "be in the neighborhood with some friends" ya know...:rolleyes:
  3. I am! :nice: I think Brent is going too. You gunna help set it up with us stang gang members?:D
  4. yeah brent is going and ill be bringin both stangs if jenns is redy in time
  5. Not "next week," "the next week"... as in the week after the NMRA @ Bradenton.

    Oh, and I may be able to go the 11th or 12th... we'll see. Keep us updated here or at stanggang.
  6. will do im sure, i just wish theyd be able to tell me what theyre gunna have me do on sat
  7. Hey guys, just a friendly reminder. This thing's coming up in a little over a week. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you guys and seeing your cars. Oh, and I'll add the flyer to my original post. Hope to see you there.

  8. hey man, i'll be there. also remind some of the people over at the stang gang:nice:
  9. Great, Jesse. I guess I'll finally get to meet you. :)

    Oh, and I just posted a reminder on my thread over at the stang gang. :D
  10. cool... yeah is your v6 gunna be done for this ???????? :lol:
  11. Florida has oranges...
  12. Hopefully :D

    I'm working on it tonight. I'm up to the upper intake, headers, and valve covers, so who knows. It might actually get done soon. :eek:
  13. Update: Almost Done!!! Accessories, a couple hoses, upper intake, egr, fluids, and a couple miscellaneous things, and it should be done. I'm shooting for TODAY!!! :eek:

    ...and it only took me 6 months :rlaugh:
  14. :lol: 6months for a cam swap & heads... gotta love it!

    so im going to the car show and im trying to see if anyone from TSG wants togo... i might beable to get some of them togo, but we just had a car show last sunday so i dont know how many will wnat to come out again. but ill be there for sure:nice:
  15. :D ... yeah, the car should be running tonight. It is physically back together, it just needs to get some fluids and a compression test.

    Sounds good. Yeah, I saw your post on TheStangGang, too. I'm gonna post a few more reminders here, TSG, 3.8, v6power, TampaRacing, and all the other places to try and drum up some more people by sunday. We'll see how many actually show.
  16. sounds good. my girlfriend and i will be there for sure and i think maybe 3 people might be coming from tsg, but they havent given me a direct 100% answer
  17. Cool.

    Well, my car ran last night for ~30sec-1 min, but there's a significant tick that I want to take car of. It could be a combination of the new RR's, a huge exhaust leak, and being in a garage, but I'm gonna pull the valve covers and check the RR's and PR's tonight.
  18. So, I know OxMox is coming...

    Anybody else from Stangnet gonna make it?

    I'll PM the people who've shown interest.
  19. If my bank account rose like I wanted it to above $200, I would go, but I only got it to $170 (up from $130!) so I don't have enough to even drive there and back =(. Unless somehow I sold my old car today.