Exhaust Tamper Proof Your New Exhaust

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  1. Not all that long ago, one of the dudes I work with had his new axle-back Borla's stolen right out from under his car. He was at a sporting event and they took the whole damned thing.

    Well, he's got it replaced now and took it to an exhaust shop JUST to have them put some spot welds on the areas where the exhaust comes apart.

    If you've not done something so keep them secure then you need to. If you have, what was the method you used?
  2. Man, I can't begin to say how mad I'd be if someone stole my exhaust. Welding is probably the best solution, but it's permanent. Maybe some sort of tamper resistant bolts and nuts, like you'd see holding a toilet partition? I don't know if such a thing even exists. Loctite would probably help, but make it a pain for the owner, if they ever wanted to change exhaust.
  3. What he did was just have some spot welds put on here and there. It appears this crew shows up with tools, just disconnects, and takes off. I doubt they bring along an angle grinder to take the welds down. :D
  4. Trunk Monkey..:shrug:
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  5. Just curious, do you think they'd be hesitant to bother with a car that sat lower? I can't picture in my head what a GT would look like dropped 1.5 in the back, (well I can for the over the rear wheel appearance) but can't picture in my head if that would also make the exhaust be too close to the ground for a prospective thief to bother with taking the extra time..

    I just now got off the phone with American Muscle. I asked if they'd sell me the Pype Bomb axle-backs at the same price they did on Black Friday (answer: "No, unfortunately") but they did agree to price match another site. I actually got them for cheaper that way, no joke. Saved an extra $9 by doing that, than if I got the black Friday deal. Score!
  6. We have a problem in this area with guys using a sawzall to steal cats from under delivery trucks. In this case, spot-welding the exhaust would not help. :nonono:
  7. This is why booby trapping should be legal.
  8. Had not heard that one till now. :chin

    Perhaps a stun gun/exhaust mod? :D
  9. That is the best bet! Or spot weld as suggested.
  10. With a 12ga?

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