[tandrum]I wanna do a burn show[/tandrum]

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  1. I'm hooked on burnt rubber fumes, I'm sad to say. None of my friends can operate my digital camera properly. Not only that but good spots to do this are hard to find because there are so many cops out there these days. I'll try and get my boss to take some pics and use his 12MP camera hehe :D
  2. I love burnouts :D



  3. one from me!


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  4. Did one yesterday, my uncle wanted me to leave some rubber behind before going back home lol... No one had a camera though.... :nonono: The car is ugly as hell anyway so maybe it's a good thing :D
  5. Oh man. My last mustang.. When we were about to put them away for the winter.. we were side by side and recorded the sickest video ever.. you lost site of the cars in less then 10 seconds.( at night ) and you could hardly see the lights through the smoke.. to find out when we got to my friends house.. it didn't record.. I'll have something to show in late sept tho when i put the pony away.. the record button will be on this time...

    -no smoke products needed here son.