Tank_567 Turbo build

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  1. Just wanted to start posting pics and parts list of the custom turbo build:D Looking to make around 400+ on 10lbs of boost. The kit is being built by my brother down @ big wood racing starting this Friday. should have everything installed by Sunday:nice:

    Precision Turbo 62mm Billet Compressor Wheel
    Precision 38mm wastegate
    Greddy Type-S blow Off valve
    4'' intercool
    Ford racing ev6 39lb injecters
    dual ford GT fuel pumps
    QA1 k-member kit
    BBK shorty headers, (need to sell the bassani headers:()
    J&M caster camber plates
    summit racing battery relocation kit
    Pro-M MAF 3" tube custom config.
    AutoMeter 20lb boost gauge



  2. Nice project you got going on there. :)


    FWIW - Might want to resize those last two pictures or some people may whine about "big" pictures. I personally don't care because my monitor/video card can support it just fine. :D
  3. Looks like a sweet setup! Not too many turbo 2v's running around. Good luck!
  4. no prob,:nice:
  5. UPDATE! installed k-member headers and mounted turbo, more updates soon!













  6. Looks like a cool build...what kinda car does your brother have? haha
  7. Sweet setup! I'm ready to see the numbers? When will the dyno be?

    Your brother works at BWR? That's cool. I've got a couple of questions about my car and (possible) future modifications; there's a guy in the drag strip club here at State with a 01 True Blue Bullitt (full bolt, gears, cams) that talks VERY highly of Big Wood. I think I'm going to swing by there and Fastlane sometime tomorrow. I'll peek a look at your car if I do go. If Big Wood has a dyno day sometime soon, I'd like to get a dyno of my car on a Mustang Dyno, just to know those numbers.

  8. Are you referring to Joe Snyder? We put some fulll length sub frame connectors on his car a few weeks ago. Very nice car, i love some Bullitts. BTW i'm tanks brother.. so you should come down to shop sometime and check it out. :rock:

    [email protected]
  9. Yup, sure am. I met/hung out with him at Rockingham last weekend. He pulled the fastest time yet recorded by anyone in the club with a 12.65 @ 113, and that was with a 2000 feet DA. :eek: His car is definitely very strong, and beautiful at that.

    I probably will. If I get chance tomorrow, I'm gonna swing by Fastlane and BWR.
  10. That thing is a monster! I've tried to convince him to go turbo on his car.. but he said it was his daily driver..and didn't want to go F.I. So i took him out for a spin in my turbo car.. might of changed his mind..haha. Shop will be open at 9. So come by whenever!
  11. UPDATE! well not much, just installed boost gauge:D




  13. Nice build, post some numbers when you get your car done.
  14. Its getting there, going to try and get the turbo on this weekend:nice:
  15. MORE PICS!!! also got my Pro-M MAF in the mail today!:D



  16. Gotta love when you get some parts in :nice: I get excited even when I get messaged while at work letting me know I have a package outside by the door :rlaugh:

    Which intercooler setup?
  17. CX racing, 4" intercooler and 3" pipes:D
  18. I was impressed when I had my cxracing intercooler with the quality compared to the price. I wasn't expecting it to be a nice piece. Wish I had the money to put fi on this car :(
  19. UPDATES! battery moved, made room for turbo, intercooler mounted:nice:




  20. More pics!