Tank_567 Turbo build

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  2. Guess it's not a sleeper LOL!
  3. Project Update

    wow its been sometime since I've posted any updates on the car. Did some header wrap:D







  4. Do you not have the turbo supported?
  5. yeah there's a support mount on the timing cover of the engine. The turbo is so light that you really dont a whole lot.

  6. *bump* love this build. congrats man. by the way i sent you a pm, had a couple quick questions
  7. Damn, Tank, that sucks.

    Short block looks ok though?
  8. Poor plastic manifold :(
  9. Damn Bobby! At least it was just the intake and not the motor! My frpp composite manifold is holding up pretty good at 16psi :).

    I will try to give you a call this evening, I need details lol
  10. Yeah shes ok, compression is good. Best part of my run was I raced an srt4 I got into 2nd and she was having some issues, still ran a 9.4 and the srt4 ran a 9.6 in the 1/8 lol.
  11. haha! I raced a new 5.0 with no clutch on Friday! Clutch stuck to the floor, and I still won to the 1/8 mile, even though the clutch was slipping and wouldn't shift to 3rd way before the 1/8. It stuck to the floor on the launch, let me barely get into 2nd, but not 3rd. You can hear it slipping if you listen closely, and it's not the tires. Hit the breaks and got in his lane before the 1/4 traps. Should have been a 10.5XX, by the 60'ft and 330.


    What did the first 60-330ft look like on your pass?

    What a bummer for us both! Hope you get it back up with a new best soon!:flag:
  12. It does suck, but its only money.:rolleyes: Hope the vette gets a beast of clutch, and a beast of a rear end. Anyways, I cant remember the times, the slip is in my car @ my brothers shop, the 60ft wasnt my best but I do remember the 330 was in the mid to low 5s.
  13. Very slick build! Clean nice work too. Love the TQ a turbo motor can make, just insaine! :hail2:

    Bummer about the intake but guess thats a perfect excuse for a modded aluminum one. :D

    Couple questions. With the pipe running under the k-member have you had any problems hitting crap in the road?
    Does the turbo have a filter setup and do you just no longer drive the car at night?
    And the last thing was the exhaust. If you have the turbos single output "Y" out to a dual exhaust then why did you also keep the "H" section in there?
  14. I have raised the front end up some so it does clear speed bumps. I run a head light there so nothing really can get into the turbo, I havent had a filter on it for sometime now. That h at the end was us just rushing to get it done, I havent had time to cut it out and weld it close:rolleyes:
  15. Look what just came in!! Going to install it today:D

  16. Looks purdy. Now you can cram more boost into it!
  17. sick car, that is all I can say.
  18. ITs getting there:nice: