Tank_567 Turbo build

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  1. You going to have to turn up the power to get 12psi with that thing?
  2. Naw, took it out for a test drive, had the 12lb spring in there. It was making 12lbs on the dot.:nice: It pulls soo much harder now in the mid to top range. It doesnt feel like I lost any power down low. Im going to take it easy for a few days, try and get it on the rollers to see what kind of power she makes.
  3. That thing is fuggin sexy! :drool:
  4. man I really would have liked to seen at least a 6061 plenum on there, and good to see you did like me and used the stock rails! The plenum swap alone is huge. but I bet it pulls a hell of alot harder.
  5. When does it go back on the rollers? I'd be interested if you guys can overlap the graphs to show the PI vs the Edelbrock intakes.
  6. I got the idea for the stock rails from your post sometime back.:D I really dont need the 6061 plenum, Im running a 75mm accufab tb and the BBK plenum is ported to the max. Also the adapter plate my brother made is port matched.

    Im going to try sometime next week. The only problem is last time I dyno'd it was with that dead clutch and have no idea what the car really made. I think we are going to compare it to my brothers car. He has the same setup and made 460rwhp/526rwtq @ 12lbs SAE w/ the pi intake.

    old dyno video ---> YouTube - 10-17-2010 Dyno and Drag day

    another video, skip to 2:37 to see my dyno pull in 3rd gear YouTube - dyno day 11 06
  7. Just cant get a break!! first it was the clutch, then the intake and now... the rear end:mad: Well I was pushing the car hard on the highway and started to feel a nasty vibration in the rear of the car, had my brothers shop check it out and the clutches are dead.:nonono: So next screen shots will be the install of a built rearend w/ 3.55 gears to help that intake.
  8. If its not one thing, it damn sure is another. Been in your position quite a bit, especially with POS GM rear ends. Hopefully, you get it knocked out and back to the track before it starts to heat up.
  9. How much ground clearance do you have with the downpipe underneath the K member?
  10. Not much its very tight, but it gets the job done
  11. The good thing though is that where the pipe is lowest under the k is even with the wheels so it raises up with the car when you go over bumps and stuff. My under k-member pipes are right by the wheels too, no issues.
  12. Time to build that rear!!:nice:

    -Moser 31 spline axles, with ARP studs
    -Ford Racing 3.55 gears
    -Ford Racing 31 Traction - LOK Limited Slip
    -Ford Racing Carbon Disk Rebuild Kit
    -Ford Rearend Rebuild Kit

    Coming Soon, 2v stock engine 10 second crusher...



  13. REAR REBUILT:D Also added a 2-step to the car, I will post a video later today. Builds 4lbs of boost!





  14. You and your brother seem to do good work! I have a question, knock on wood lol. If and when your motor ever goes. What plans and or route will you take on the motor?
  15. If I had to guess, forged shortblock and 20psi.
  16. No welded tubes or axle braces from someone like Che? :shrug:
  17. :D I would love to but, IF it did go, forged bottom end (9:1 compression) , stock heads and cams, 14lbs of boost. Car is crazy fast already with an engine with 133,000 miles on it:nice: Working with my brother is fun, I rebuilt the diff and he installed it. Took a few hours to do.

    I've been told I really dont need it till the 800tq mark. Plus im still on the stock control arms lol, I may do it later down the road.
  18. Got a video of the 2-step?

    And, are you gonna to to Fayetteville on Sunday if the weather holds off? Joe said that he wants to. I'll probably go if you guys do (and assuming the weather holds off), although I doubt I'll run.
  19. I working on getting the video up soon, I would like to head down there with you guys I will PM if I can make it. Im hoping the weather gets better, I was going to head down this weekend...:(