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    First off let me say that it was not the tune that doomed her or the boost, we made 6 pulls all fine no fuel issue.... 526rwhp/535rwtq....14.5lbs of boost... Oil pump **** the bed @ 5500rpm by the time 6000 came around on the dyno the engine AND the turbo locked up... heads and cams are toast, the crank gone.. Only thing that is usable is the block, rods and pistons. New turbo, built bottom end, heads and cams coming soon, thats all I can say for now.:shrug:
  2. Dang dude, that blows (no pun intended). I was literally getting ready to send you a PM to see if you wanted to go down to Fayetteville tomorrow.

    Oh well, at least now I know that I will never have any chance versus you with my NPI-powered beast, lol. You still gonna DD it after the new motor build? If so, that is going to be one NASTY driver! :nice:
  3. It sucks, I was getting it ready for the track, it made 520+ in back to back runs on 93oct. Last run for 93 to make sure it was ready for the street, after that pull we were going to do the 110 race gas tune.. :nonono:Im looking at picking up a new ford fiesta or focus this week for my new DD till I get the cash for the rebuild.
  4. that sucks, i've seen it happen a few times on the 4.6

    hard to believe it ruined everything so quickly. usually takes a little more time with no oil for that to happen
  5. that sucks, i've seen it happen a few times on the 4.6

    hard to believe it ruined everything so quickly. usually takes a little more time with no oil for that to happen
  6. Sucks Tank. Mine just let go about 2 weeks ago.

    Was that the stock oil pump?
  7. How many miles on the stock pump? That's too bad man, sorry for that but with a built block that thing is going to be evil. Because of you, I want a turbo.. stupid California would make me have to take it off every 2 years to smog though. Might be worth it
  8. What he said.

    Sorry to hear about that, man. I was terrified of something like that happening to my brand new motor, so I plunked down the cash for a TSS billet oil pump. You can get them from Modular Head Shop, if you're interested.
  9. Yep the stocker, 130,000+ miles on it. I just had the timing chains out and should have replaced it when I had the chance. On a lighter note the car did make over 500hp:rlaugh:

    Im looking into getting the TSS or the MMR pump. Its going to be a few months before I get the cash to rebuild it, but my goals are a 550-650 street car.
  10. Sorry to hear that! How long will you be out of the game for? Can't wait till you get it back together. Sick Car! I just picked up an 01 zx3 focus and I love it. Looks great with nice wheels and a tad lowered :). Also get an average of 31mpg mixed highway and city.
  11. :nonono:Was really hoping to hear that car, I'm in Raleigh on a permanant basis.
  12. I will have it up and running this year:nice:
  13. UPDATE. Engine out, replacement on its way. Also new Milling oil pump w/ billet gears:nice:



    Lame cell phone pics*
  14. UPDATE

    Well, I was going to install another stock 4.6 in the car, but got down to the wire for mustang week, and not going to make it. So i have decided to do a full out engine build. I just got a 5.4L block, 2v timing cover and forged crank, turbo is back from precision:nice:

    -parts list

    5.4L block
    5.4L forged crank
    Stock SOHC ports w/ 3 angle valve job
    Stock PI cams
    Eagle ESP H-Beam Connecting Rods
    Probe Pistons (9.1 compression)
    ARP main and head studs
    Milling Billet oil pump


    TWO precision 62mm billet turbos

    goal is to make 700rwhp on 93

  15. The wife and I just had a baby lol, Still waiting on parts. I got rods, crank, block, heads. Working on getting pistons and cams right now.:nice:

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  16. Congrats on the new addition to the family.
  17. Congratulations to you guys.

    Sucks it **** the bed, but it seems like you're going to make it better... just a little, haha.

    This thread is inspiring. I'm in the middle of deciding on keeping my GT, turning it into the long-term project (long periods of downtime, putting money into it I really shouldn't be putting into it, breaking stuff, etc.) or selling for a newer Mustang... but this thread makes me want to keep it and go for my original goal of a nice single turbo setup.
  18. IM BACK! So some updates, Im now an owner of a WEP block, 8 bolt crank and some rods/pistons(parts list below) Anyways, the block will be bored out .20 over(going to the machine shop tomorrow) and will run stock heads and cams, see how far I can take them before the need to blow $3,000 bucks for upgrades. Team PCM will be doing the engine build, more info to come in the following weeks, stay tuned!

    -Ford Racing Aluminum Block, Bored .20 over
    -CP Pistons S 16cc .20-over
    -Manley H-Beam Connecting Rods w/ ARP bolts
    -4.6 8 bolt crank
    -MMR main side bolts
    -Melling Oil pump
    -New goal is 600rwhp on stock heads and cams

    PS, 5.4 and most of the parts in the post above have been sold.