Tank_567 Turbo build

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  1. Engine bay cleaned and painted:nice:


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  2. Looks nice and clean!!! What is the record for a stock head and cam 2v power wise?
  3. I have no idea, but im going to break it
  4. Small update, the WAP block I had was no good, now an owner of a Teksid block!:cool: Also some parts started to show up

  5. Your car is going to be an animal!!!! I want to see you destroy that Porsche 911 that was trapping 127 in your youtube video!!!
  6. That's a big freakin damper! haha.

    Any idea of an ETA on build completion?
  7. The machine shop was backed up, they just started boring the block out today, im hoping to have the engine together by the end of next week and installed the week after that.
  8. Block is done! Just waiting on rings and bearings


  9. ooooo....ahhhhh:hail:
  10. What up 62lb injectors (650cc):flag: Should be good till 650-680rwhp @ 80% duty cycle....I think


  11. Small update: PAINT




  12. eeewwww! windsor heads! lol j/k
  13. Looking good! You and I have two very different approaches, but a shared goal of having an absurd amount of streetable power :)
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  14. another small update, Cobra front and rear brakes;)

    IMG_20120404_193911.jpg IMG_20120404_193923.jpg
  15. Good call. I just got finished upgrading to Cobra rears myself. I think I accidentally let air into the master cylinder, though :nonono: .
  16. Yeah I was getting REALLY bad brake fade at the end of the track, slowing down from 125mph was over kill on the stock brakes. I got this set off a 03 for 75 bucks!