Progress Thread Tannerc91gt's 88/92 Coupe Build Thread

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  1. Thought i'd start an actual build thread and throw in some better pics.

    I recently bought an 88 SSP coupe, and then a little more recently picked up a '92 coupe as well.

    Plans are to swap all of the goodies from the blue coupe over to the red one, set the SSP back to stock and sell it (or keep it :D) to offset the cost of the red car.

    Blue car's mods are as follows:
    new T5, stock SD 302
    built rear end, c-clip eliminators, strange axles, 3.73s,
    5-lug conversion
    double adjustable LCAs, adjustable UCAs, battle boxes
    eibach drag springs with airbag, comp eng. 3-way adjustables.
    battery relocation
    mac shorties, H-pipe, flowmasters
    short throw shifter, new clutch, clutch quadrant
    255 fuel pump, electric fan and a few other odds and ends
    lakewood 90/10s
    wheels are Weld Prostars 15x10s 6.5 BS in the rear with 275/60/15 BFGs
    15x3.5s with 155 BFGs on the front.
    car also came with front coil-overs but those are being saved for the red car

    Recent pics of the 88, still kind of suck but its an iPhone 3Gs so its seen better days...
    You can see a little bit of wheel well rust as well as a little rocker rust, mostly a clean car, but little things like that really bother me after my last car. and 275s really throw up the dirt on a car with a little rear bumper

    Sits a little higher in the front with the 90/10s and the rear end is WAY stiff, need to get to adjusting but all thats been put on hold while the old red sled is making its way up from Georgia.

    Onto the red car:
    1992 4cyl coupe, clean rust free accident free car from Georgia, painted Ford Lightning red

    came with the following:
    Full Mallory Ignition System
    battery relocation
    gauge set (water, oil, a/f and tach)
    3 core aluminum radiator
    130amp 1-wire Alt
    stock C5 transmission and custom driveshaft

    Also picked up a 398w:
    Balanced and block decked
    393 stroker kit, .060 over
    3.850" crank
    stock style 5.9" rods,
    and flat top .060 over pistons with reliefs
    Compcams xe284H cam
    canton 7qt pan
    will be 11:1 with 64cc heads (need to pick up a set of heads)
    single plane intake
    Holley 750 Dbl pumper
    Mac 1 3/4" Longtubes

    Day 2: already on jack stands :)

    Once the red car gets here, things should get rolling pretty quickly so ill try to stay up with this thread. And yes the car is dirty, wanted to snap some bigger pictures and didnt have the time to clean it before the sun went down. She'll get a good cleaning one of these days

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  2. Gonna be awesome! Is that a flat tappet block?
  3. im positive the 284h is a flat tappet camshaft, so im sure it is. (i wont have the red car or the motor to my house until next week but i do own them). not really sure if ill stick with it for the time being or tear it down and convert it. You can do plenty well on a flat tappet motor but the risk of wiping out the cam lobes due to using the wrong oil or an error is almost more than i want to worry about. 11:1 isnt going to fly on an iron headed motor (no where to get race gas on a regular basis and i have no interest in a motor i cant run on pump gas) so im going to have to look for a set of AFRs or TFS heads. It isnt going to see over 6k rpms due to the cast crank but otherwise it should be a pretty healthy running car when all is said and done. Just happy to have a mustang or two to wrench on and finally felt like spending the money to have something im proud of. Not something I could say about the GT.
  4. welp, the red car and engine were supposed to arrive today but after talking to the truck driver, it wont be here until thursday afternoon.
    He had a pretty strange accident within the family that resulted in a death, told him not to worry about it and turn it around and head home if need be. Its only a car, there are more important things in life...

    On a lighter note, im looking for a set of AFR 205's or a set of comparable TFS heads. The 225s were looking good but flow-wise the 205s are the same below .600 and this cams only going to be in the .550 range with 1.7s anyways so it seems like a waste of additional money. Trying to decide what to do in terms of a transmission as well. No real interest in building the c5 (takes the same internal mods as a c4 or a c6, dont really remember). Just never been a fan of auto cars regardless of their efficiency. So ill have an auto trans and custom driveshaft to sell at some point :shrug:. A t-5 isnt going to cut it so ill have to look elsewhere. Otherwise its a matter of swapping the rear end, suspension, 5 lug conv, and interior and we'll be rolling :nice:
  5. congrats nice!! gonna be a beast!
  6. Nice! Looks like fun.
  7. The red '92 showed up today, pretty excited to be honest. Not for what the car is but for its potential.
    The interior is Absolutely hideous, but with a little paint will be perfect. The car needs headlights badly and the passenger side trim piece (came with car). otherwise its entirely what i was looking for. all the trim thats missing in the pictures came with it as well, just needs painted as we had clearly different ideas on the color scheme.
    Ready to get to work!
    sdfsdfsdg.jpg dmdmd c cmvmvmvmc.jpg ncncncncncncnc.jpg fkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkf.jpg dfsdfeeewwwewes.jpg djdjfsgsfgsfgfgdfg.jpg vxcvxcbfgxvxcv.jpg dsmfsdfsrrrrrrr.jpg

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  8. Oh my. What goes through peoples heads when they torture an interior like that? Car looks decent. I like the blue one too though but hate rust. Looks like a good start.
  9. Thanks. New headlights, different wheels and a good deep cleaning and itll be a whole new car. Its just nice to know that anything that needs replaced I dont have to go out and search for.
  10. Wish I lived closer, we'd dump a weekend on it and make something happen.
  11. Paint from here looks pretty nice!

    The red in the doors actually look ok:cool: . The blue console,vents and glove box is hideous:nonono: :eek::puke:
    Remove ASAP

    Relocated Rad in trunk:scratch: ! FTMFW

  12. Umm, monster tach with a shiftlight on a 4-banger?:scratch: PO must have been very confused...

  13. i appreciate the offer though, me and a buddy are going to go to town as soon as i get this 2.2 ecotec motor swap done and get that car out of my "shop".
    its a 398w that was at one time running in the car, so not so much confused :nice:
    still not a fan of the tach.

    its far from a show car but paint wise much better than my past foxes. and the radiator is obviously in the trunk to keep the spare tire cool....kinda thought that was obvious :nonono:
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  14. Gotcha, I thought it still had the POS 2.3 in it.
  15. 3G remote alternator too!
  16. Yeah lot of mustang parts piling up like always but priority 1 is definitely getting the blue car swapped and sold. Will free up money for valve train parts and then we'll at least be operational.
    Long road ahead but looking forward to building something. Hopefully get the interior fixed in the next few days and get the car trailered out to the garage.

    This project isn't gonna hang with some of the guys on here, but all at least try and fill it with pretty pictures to entertain
  17. O_O

    My eyeballs about came loose when I saw that interior! Somebody's got a really good interior resto thread around here, but I can't find it...

    The outside looks great!
  18. You weren't joking about the interior.."Hideous" fits it quite well. No doubt you'll bring back that poor cars dignity once again.