Progress Thread Tannerc91gt's 88/92 Coupe Build Thread

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  1. Yeah started pulling interior tonight, will throw up some pics if I can get it finished after work tomorrow.
  2. Sorry for the lack of updates. Work is pretty much taking up all my time.
    Started on the interior, and undercoating (the underside is pristine and won't stay that way in Indiana). Had a few people show up trying to buy the red car already, and I've managed to interest a few of them in the blue car instead.
    Also been tossing around the idea of ditching the carb'd 398 and going another route.
    The red coupe is already plummed for a carb, has everything ready to drop in and go and that almost feels too simple. It would be a nice little combo, but now that the time and funds are there I'm really leaning towards a turbo 302 based motor. Maybe even go the gt40 route.

    Can handle all the tuning myself, the fuel system and top end won't break the bank and in terms of reliability (almost ironic with a turbo build but compared to a 11:1 built carb'd "street" car) and cost, cost, I can't get it out of my head.
    Progress will be slow, but I've gone 2-3 years without a mustang and have the blue one to cruise in so I've lost the sense of urgency :shrug:
    Looking forward to making the big steps though
  3. I've seen 700 HP 2.3 builds... They're far from POS's IMO.
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  4. PICS! Update!
  5. Old rear end is out, interior is painted for the most part and rolling the red car out to the garage tmrw to finish the swap hopefully.
    Turns out what I was told were Richmond 3.73s are actually ford racing 4.10s. Just need to shim it a little better to get some slop out of it.
    The rear springs are cut stock GT springs which will have to go, the fronts are cut coils too. I imagine this had a good bit to do with why the rear was rock solid stiff.
    Need to get motivated and buy new rear springs and front coils in the morning.
    Thinking eibach drags for the rear, and 175lb coil over springs for the front. Suggestions welcome.
    Otherwise we're on the right track. Will post pics as soon as I can figure out how to on the iphone
  6. Edit:decision made 398w will stay
  7. How about you finish and install the 393 into the blue car, then just GIVE it to me :D
    That sounds acceptable.
  8. Another short update from tonight
    Got the built 8.8 pulled, cleaned and ready to go in old red.

    Got the 7.5 (shut up it has 3.73s, someone will be happy) pulled and installed into the blue car.

    Once everything was out from under the red car I fixed a few things and undercoated it. The panels were mint, just not risking them in Indiana.
    Ordered a few parts from summit that should be in tommorow:
    Qa1 CC plates
    12" 150lb qa1 coil over springs
    moroso trick rear drag springs and another air bag

    Hopefully will have the front converted to 5 lug tommorow night and the 88 "unconverted" as well as the new parts in. Then she's pretty well done until more engine parts roll in after the 88 is sold.

    Just to get a little bit of tech in here, since there's a 5-lug swap and essentially a 4cyl to 5 liter driveline swap going on at the same time, I've got access to all kinds of parts and locations if anyone has questions.
    FYI, the 4cyl cars run the brake lines to the wheel cylinder completely differently than the 5.0 cars do. The banjo bolt is a different style and the 4cyl one is mounted to the axle housing whereas the 5.0 is mounted above the rear end on the underside of the car. Easiest way to switch these is to remove the brake lines and brackets and swap the whole assembly over to each respective car. My situation is a little different as I have 2 complete cars to make it simple. The red car won't have "true" v8 brake configuration on the rear but I'm not splitting hairs. There will be plenty more little differences as I progress and ill try to point them out.

    On a side note, and this has happened 3 or 4 times now,Actually came home from work today to find some guy trying to pry the hood open on the red car because he thought it was for sale. Got him out of my yard as fast as possible while getting him interested in the blue car.

    Still have a long way to go, but progress is progress and with winter coming there's no rush.
    Obligatory pics:

    ImageUploadedByTapatalk1349237087.320396.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1349237106.427167.jpg
    For some reason, after a long hiatus, 2 coupes torn down in a garage piled with parts really gave my inner child a chub :D
    Underside was in great shape, just a bit dirty
    Undercoat laid down impressively well, time will tell how it holds up.
    New fluid, coated and resealed
    Gotta roll the fenders before the new rear end goes in, and figured it'd be smart to wait on the drag springs anyhow
    This was just a weird sight... But the v8 coils were already cut (explains why the rear end was ungodly stiff and going to be useless at the track) so they got put back in because let's face it, no ones going to buy a stock height coupe, it's just unnatural.

    This guy right here is what ruins my day. Between a 40+ hour work week and other side work, still have to get an ecotec thrown back in this thing. Really cuts down on quality time with the mustangs.

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  9. Another update, although this thread isn't getting much traffic it at least serves as a way to keep me motivated.

    Rear end is in the red car. Having never owned a fox that didn't have at least surface rust and all the bolts welded in by Mother Nature, it's great to be able to slide new parts in on this car. Brake lines are swapped, just have to run a new line on the red car. Only issue now, that you'll note in the pictures. Is the tires don't clear on the red car so off jackstands it's still held up by the bfg's. going to need wheel spacers, as I've already folded in the inner wheel well and can't do anymore without bending it back into the springs. The Moroso trick springs were a bit of a pain, as the passenger coil is shorter by almost 2 coils, it's also a stiffer spring and was a bit difficult to install. Ended up dropping the lower control arms back out and then jacking it all back into place.

    The control arms all need adjusted, the wheel is sitting far too close to the front of the wheel well, and the rear end is pulled far enough forward that the driveshaft can't line up. Does anyone know if the housings between the 7.5 and the 8.8 are the same deminsions or at least the same length from the cover to the pinion? This custom shaft may not fit on the 8.8, although i believe it will with some work. Otherwise I'm happy to have a big part of the swap finished.

    Caster plates came in, waiting on the qa1 coil springs to arrive tommorow and then the coil overs will be going on as well.
    Assuming all the other brake components are the same between 5.0 and 4cyl, the swap should be pretty quick.

    I will need a cowl hood for the red car, and have already priced it and got the shop time to do it. Just not sure that I like the pin on 6". Would like to go with a 4" bolt on, just not sure of which company to get it from?(cervinis is a little pricy and I don't need a finished underside)
    Luckily the '88 will be sold pretty quickly as I have a few guys constantly asking for updates on when it will be ready. :nice:

    Hopefully there will be more to update tommorow.
  10. Traffic or not, I keep following! Keep up the good work man, you'll get them together soon enough!:nice:
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  11. When you get it to sit down the tire will move back.
  12. Oh it's sat down. 5/16 spacers and a little more massaging did the trick. Won't know where the control arms need to be til I've actually driven it. The springs haven't settled so it still sits HIGH, but we're function>looks at this point so I'm not upset. Taking a little break, have the front ends torn down on both cars and the coil overs assembled. It slipped my mind that the brakes are entirely different so we have to swap it all.
  13. Yeah, if it still has the 4 cylinder brakes on it, it all needs to be changed. Spindles, rotors, calipers up front, and I've also heard that the A-arms are a different length (also heard that the K-member is different, but I don't think so). As for the rear, I know that the line running down the body is on opposite sides as opposed to the 5.0 cars, but can be used rather easily, just swap the line off of the 7.5 to the 8.8, line size is the same, just different hook up locations.
  14. Looks good! Moving right along! Just curious as what did the cav need a engine for? As far as I know the ecotech is a great engine.

  15. Rear is swapped as are the lines. That was pretty straight forward. The 398 is already setting on the k member although its probably the original 4cyl one. The only stock suspension components left are the k member and A arms. The engine is coming out and going on a stand so I'm thinking I may go ahead and go aftermarket up front while its convenient.
    I wanted the gt brakes anyways as all the parts are new so it's no more work than I was planning on. We're movin right along.

    As for the cavalier, it's an 03 and the 03s and older have a timing chain tensioner that has since been recalled. The tensioner doesn't get enough oil pressure at idle, the chain went slack, it jumped time and smashed up the valves. It's seriously close to the same money to just swap motors
  16. Booo, that's why I don't like interference engines.
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  17. Yeah, I would go ahead and do after market a-arms, I remember doing a lot of research on suspension swapping on my old 4banger, and if I remember correctly (someone correct me if I am wrong) the a-arms were of a different length between the 4 and 8 cylinder setups.
  18. Yeah, I meant in stock form, they are a very strong engine design for a four cylinder, but in stock form, they suck. I've seen some awesome builds around them before, and keep in mind I am talking about the N/A version, not the SVO turbo version that had the forged lower end, they were pretty kick ass!
  19. Figure I might as well. The bug bit me pretty hard so I'm just gonna go with it and regret it later haha. Just need to get the blue car out to free up some garage space. Working all day and wrenching all night, I sleep like a baby