Progress Thread Tannerc91gt's 88/92 Coupe Build Thread

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  1. Yeah, I would say go ahead and do a tubular k and a-arms, seems like you are there half way already with the coil overs. Also, I'm assuming that you are going for a drag car, so cutting weight in the front end is beneficial also.
  2. double post ftw
  3. Yeah, it's going to be a dedicated drag car that will see a few street cruises a year. Just not working with sponsorship money here so I'm moving a little slower. The front bumper is coming out. Cutting weight everywhere I can. Just having a hard time giving up my full interior. Seats are really comfortable haha.
    Will be after all the tips and tricks I can get, as I know there are quite a few serious racers on the boards. Not going to set the world on fire but I'm gunning for a 10 second slip
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  4. other than a few little snags, both cars are back together.

    5 lug swap is done on the 92, CC plates are in as well as the coil-overs.
    Ordered new V8 brake hoses to go with the v8 calipers, just need to mount the calipers and hook the e-brake back up and shes all buttoned up for the time being.

    the 88 has been swapped back to 4 lug, again ordered new 4 cyl hoses for the calipers, just need to get them in and on and its done as well.

    Only problem ive run into so far is the rear suspension on the red car. a lot of it can be taken out by adjusting the control arms but it will take a little more than that to get it where I want it.
    I have to cut a coil on the passenger side moroso spring to level out the car (left side coil is longer if i havent already stated that). That will still leave it riding far too high. I also need to source a set of LCA relocation brackets to drop the mounting point of the LCAs at the axle. Will help my height issue as well as helping move the Instant Center rearward. The old southsides used to come with the brackets, and BMR and lakewood both sell a set for 05+ cars, so ill have to fab a set or modify those. Also looking into a set of adjustable spring perches to move the location of the rear springs. Still havent come to a decision

    IMG_1419.jpg IMG_1424.jpg IMG_1425.jpg IMG_1426.jpg sdfsdgsdfgsd.jpg IMG_1421.jpg
    I kind of like the pony's on it :shrug:
    So bear with me in the pictures here as the current stance is a little unbearable. The coil-overs could stand to be moved up a good 2-3 inches as the car is low in the front my low-pro jack couldnt come out and the suspension is so far down in its travel that the 90/10s are almost obsolete. Whats important to me is that all the components are there, its just a matter of fine tuning.

    Also, My intake and carb showed up :nice:
  5. Edited an old post so it didn't bump it up.
    Brakes are done time to move the 88 and track down some 205s!
  6. red car is "done" for the time being. blue car is done as well.
    got the ride height situation fixed on the 92. The front end was sitting so low both on the coil overs and on the 4cyl springs and ponies that it was unloading the rear suspension enough to make the car sit all caddywompus-like.
    Again, sorry for the crappy res pictures, my iphone has had a few nasty spills and no longer cooperates.
    fsdfsdfsdg.jpg sdfsdfsdgfsdf.jpg

    this will probably be the last update for a while, other than taking some crisp pictures in the daylight
  7. Still in desperate need of a new phone with a better camera (cant take crisp pictures once the sun has started to set) but none the less I at least got the cars buttoned up and out of the garage.
    IMG_1454.jpg IMG_1458.jpg IMG_1459.jpg IMG_1461.jpg IMG_1462.jpg
    As you can see, got quite a bit going on at the same time. Only issue now is a severe alignment issue with the '88. Pretty severe negative camber and negative toe. There are differences in the steering racks, as well as where the tie rods bolt to the spindle, all should be well with a good alignment and some adjustment by me. Otherwise the red car is wrapped up under a cover until i can trailer it back to My garage for the winter while i gather up more goodies. couldnt be happier with the way things have gone so far, just need to get the blue car gone :nice:
  8. Blue car is gone. But god did it fight to stay in my garage. Car ran great, drove great and sounded great. All until last night.
    Wouldn't hold a charge and would die when the jump box was removed. Alt and battery tested good (figured it was the regulator). Replaced the battery anyways and it fired up great. Ran fine in the morning too.
    Met the guy, test drive, signed papers blah blah blah, sold.

    10 minutes later he says the wheel fell off. Wtf.
    So I drive to meet him. Laying in a 4 lane road in the freezing rain and put the tire back on, give him money for new lug nuts and he's gone again. Couple hours later he says it died and won't run and another wheel is loose. (friggin regulator I guess).
    Now I'm a really honest person (try my best to be) and I felt bad that the car ha taken a dive on him after it had done me so well. But a deal is a deal and I unfortunately can't do anything about it seeing as I legally don't own it an have no idea if he was ripping the guts out of it or what. All I know is it was a solid car when I handed him the keys, I'd never sell someone something with my name on it that was dangerous. So I feel pretty bad about that. But it's gone none the less and he's since trailered it home.

    Working on a deal for some TEA tfs 205s, Vic jr and some rockers. Need pushrods and valve covers as well and she'll drive.

    Then it's a matter of building up the trans and getting some NHRA safety stuff (kill switch, ds loop, etc.). Little bit of wiring and we'll be on the road.

    It's cold as hell and miserable out now so my motivation is dead, especially after having dealt with the SSP issues today. But that's where I'm at as of today
  9. Still a solid fox, and that stance on the red one :eek:
  10. As for the stance on the red car it's a function>form issue now. And I can't tune it in until its got the proper tires behind it and runs. All in due time.

    In the midst of interviewing/testing for a job that would triple my income right now, so all is on the back burner car wise. Odds aren't that great ill get it haha but shooting high never hurts :shrug:
  11. Never hurts to try. Good luck and hope you get the job!
  12. Good luck on the job opportunity man!

    These cars have come a long way, the red one is starting to come around quickly. I'd love to have another red notch.
  13. Picked up a set of AFR 205's and a set of fabbed VCs today for a hell of a deal. just need gaskets, pushrods and rockers and ill fire this thing up. hope to have it all to the house by next week.

    Edit: for those who havent seen my tech thread, there are some compression issues that will have to be worked out. :fuss:
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  14. new parts, all on the way to the house. excited, as who doesnt love new parts. Not sold on the clear headlights but the price was right and i think they might grow on me :shrug:

    28134820-086-Sbf-AFR-205-heads.jpg A7747771-D4EB-4464-816B-132396D177BB-6305-000004C0E9285249.jpg photo.JPG
  15. Seemed to have figured out my compression issue and think this motor is doable. Someone feel free to check my math if needed. And if anyone's interested in the formulas let me know. I studied high performance engine mechanics in college and actually love the technical aspects of it so doing the static and dynamic numbers along with cylinder pressure, piston speed, and VE have all been fun for me. This build isn't even that far off the map, it's just interesting and better safe than sorry.
    Bore: 4.060
    Stroke: 3.850
    Head: 58cc
    Piston: 8cc relief
    Gasket: .041 and 4.100 dia.
    Deck: piston is .018 in hole
    Cam: ABDC-69

    Which, with a little heavier math, brings my dynamic compression to
    8.67:1. within pump gas range.
    Cranking pressure at 176psi.
    For those interested, dynamic compression can be explained as well.

    So I feel much better about this combo. Now that I've got my heads, hopefully will mock up this weekend and figure out a hood situation. But I'm wondering if ill have PVC issues with the 2.08s on these pistons. Will just have to clay the pistons and see.
  16. Any news about the job? Tripling the income would do wonders for the build budget I'd imagine...
  17. There's a 3 week wait on the background check but I passed my testing and did pretty well. They called me yesterday to verify a few things but I've still got my fingers crossed.

    If I could land it, this car would get some serious changes and attention but more importantly I'd like to get my finances straightened out and start building a garage. So we'll see :)
  18. cool man. Keep us posted