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  1. Right on! Hope she runs well for ya.
  2. Just to clean up my thread a little and condense some posts that were made on the fly.

    Sat down and wrote out a list of the things i knew I needed to get this thing breathing and moving under its own power.
    Then through the classifieds on another site and a few phone calls with summit I ended up with a good haul.

    Other than the fabbed valve covers and headlights that should be here tuesday I went ahead and got

    ARP head studs (not messing with bolts this go around)
    Intake Gaskets
    Exhaust Gaskets
    1" carb spacer
    gasket set for the Holley
    extended carb studs
    intake studs
    flush fabbed cover bolts
    VC gaskets
    a cap for the carb since it wont be seeing a filter often
    a set of Trickflow Stud mount 1.7 Rocker arms
    Compcams magnum 8.5" pushrods that i believe will fit the bill but just in case
    I also picked up an adjustable pushrod and checker spring to do a little measuring if the 8.5s wont work
    The 205's being the "renegade" head with the raised ports and big exhaust runners dont take the standard Felpro series that most of the other AFR, TFS, ect heads use so they were a hair more expensive but I went with what the AFR rep suggested so hopefully there wont be any problems there.

    Got a Moroso Battery kill switch as well. 300 amp 4 post version. Mostly so it will be track legal when the time comes but I also found a trick way
    to mount it so I wanted to go ahead and get it all lined out while im wiring up the 1-wire alt and the rest of the electrical system
    went with the switch over the push/pull type for now as both are NHRA legal and the switch I feel is much cleaner.
    Plus it will allow me to mount it in the license plate area and run a trick setup that I found a couple other guys doing on a different board.

    Will be able to extend the bolts and use some washers to push the license plate out a bit and keep the switch concealed during street duty (mostly so people wont feel the need to flip switches and push buttons like they always do). Pop the plate off and roll into the burnout box, I think it will work well.
    got a lead on a GER built c4 with a bunch of goodies but i went ahead and dropped a good amount of money on these parts figuring theres no sense buying a fully built tranny for a car that cant get out of its own way. Cross that bridge when I get to it.
    Hoping to be able to fit all this under a 4" cowl as I want to be able to see the passenger side of my car (silly i know).
    So i had plans to mock it all up and measure, and that turned into going ahead and assembling the top end anyways. I have the lifters soaking for a bit to make sure theyll stand up when the time comes, only concern now is piston clearance with the 2.08s and the springs being stiff enough to do valvetrain damage with the flat tappet. Going to do a little more reading for the next few days and figure out what steps need to be taken. Always up for helpful advice, but i realize this isnt the route most of you guys have/would go anyways.
    needless to say im excited to get it running and take it out for a spin, need to get the rear suspension lined out and being able to drive it will be a big help.

    Still have a long way to go before im satisfied but ive knocked a pretty healthy chunk off my list for the time being and I realize this car isnt orientated to appeal to most of the guys on this board but it helps me keep a timeline and reminds me im making progress however slow it may be. :nice:
  3. Well done.
  4. Mini-Christmas
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  5. Hit another snag, or 20.
    It's well into winter now so it's not a big deal but who'd have thought 500ish HP would be so difficult. To be honest the flat tappet camshaft is the sore thumb of the whole build. But it just isn't in the budget to go solid roller yet. Or maybe it is...
    Going to have to go with lighter valve springs, order polylock rocker nuts and a few other parts before she'll breathe.
    Going to go ahead and wait til I find a set of standard pullies because it came with a set of Cogs and I absolutely hate them.

    Still chuggin along
  6. What happened exactly?

    Why not go hyd roller and call it a day?
  7. What I miss? I thought you sold the blue car and kept the red one?

    What's this? :scratch:

  8. Sorry for the confusion, that picture went along with the post about the kill switch. Showing it hidden behind the plate. The blue car is gone.

    The issue is the springs on the 205s are meant for a solid roller set-up. 225 on the seat is way too much for a Hyd flat tappet cam, whereas I need 125-150 on the seat.
    The conversion to roller, solid or hydraulic is quite expensive, not including a new camshaft.
    So it's between swapping springs and running this setup or sitting on it for a while and going solid roller. Which would free up a good bit of power and make the motor a lot more reliable at higher rpms and just in general. So that's the way I'm leaning. Im just fighting between being impatient and being OCD about what I build. Can't do both.

    So while I decide which way to go, still going to mock up the motor and check hood clearance and get the standard style pullies, do some wiring and button up some other parts. Just don't like making no progress.
  9. I vote OCD in this case.
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  10. Kind of my vote too.
  11. I've got a brand new set of PAC1220 springs, locks, and retainers that I'd give away really really really cheap. I have no use for them. Also have a custom bullet cam that I'd make a smokin deal on as it just sits too. It was for my NA 408 with AFR 205s. I had the same goals you were shooting for. Might be a solution to your problem? Lmk.

    Edit* its hyd roller setup. PAC 1220s are 155# on seat.
  12. Awesome man, thanks for the offer. Ill shoot you a PM at some point, just need to figure out where I want to go with this first. I appreciate it
  13. I vote OCD, too. You'll get your car done and love it for about a month, and then you'll have this little voice inside your head saying "well, it COULD be better if I had done..."

    Good things come to people that wait. Just my .02 :shrug:
  14. Going solid roller. Car will be down a lot longer than initially expected but I'm fine with it. Going to get with Ed and work out a camshaft. With the combo I'm looking to build it only makes sense to not skimp on the valvetrain.
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  15. Better to do it once the right way. Good choice.
  16. Well I got my headlights in. One at least, got too dark and I cant push the thing inside myself.
    Really bummed at the current condition of the car. Less race car more storage unit at this point. But its where im at and hopefully will get it pushed in, cleaned off and get the motor on the stand here soon.
    uploadfromtaptalk1353367943178.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1353367960067.jpg
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  17. uploadfromtaptalk1353632983635.jpg
    Looks a thousand times better.
    Also blew off some holiday steam by shooting the old headlights
    Happy Holidays!
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  18. Gonna be a good winter
    Going to go ahead and assemble the motor for now. Keep an eye on the camshaft and be able to line the car out and cruise a little bit.
    Still going solid roller, Ed Curtis is supposed to have my cam speced by monday.
    nu9uzara.jpg a6ydyjag.jpg
    Having a bit of a hood clearance issue, go figure. rate2y3a.jpg

    Really want to coat the longtubes again, but I'm nearly positive the car was built around them and they're never coming out.
    Also having a clearance issue with the driver's side VC but I think I'm going to convince them to fit. 4cyl booster is thinner but a larger diameter. Looks like manual brakes are in the future :)
    Happy I cleaned out the garage, all kinds of space now. Just a few odds and ends I still need and we'll be rolling.
    If anyone has a source on stock pullies I'm in need, these cogs just scream 3rd gen camaro. And an alt bracket...and maybe a waterpump. And coolant hoses. spark plugs and a battery. It never ends haha

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  19. Just going to keep talking to myself here haha. Made a little more progress today.
    Clearanced the valve cover. Measured for my hoses.Removed the wiper assembly. Rebuilt my carb. Mounted the radiator. Ran some wiring.
    Going to relocate the alternator down by the crank. Run a Moroso electric pump conversion and get my pullies through March. Have to run tapered polylock nuts due to a different bearing design on the trick flows. Going to do some wheel well cutting tommorow and button up some more small stuff. Try to get the rear end loosened up and the driveshaft under it.
    Lots of small time consuming stuff left. Hope to assemble the motor next week if all goes well.

    This has since been trimmed up and cut down but fit very well
    Will need a cowl panel with the molded pod as I don't want to run the fuel gauge in the cabin. Hopefully can get one without the wiper hole

    figure someone needs this somewhere

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  20. Im following, I promise! I may be buying a fox roller this weekend, so Ill be back in the forum more too.