Progress Thread Tannerc91gt's 88/92 Coupe Build Thread

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  1. Forced induction and some exploder heads can easily push past a stock 302 block. Buy some JY heads and save the 205s for the future build, otherwise you'll want to refresh them for a greater price than some freshened 40ps.
  2. there are no plans for boost on this block. Just plans for boost for this car. I have very little interest in all of the expense of a solidly built boosted car that's got a stock block at the core. This is just a fun "in the mean time" build. As with most guys on this board, ive got a big imagination and a small budget. And the more I learn and the more I want to do or try, I become more and more willing to wait.
  3. Just out of curiosity, Why not this:
    Rebuilt 302s are a dime a dozen. Why not keep the 399 under plastic, save for a couple of months and get a 302 and not worry about having to buld/buy another more expensive motor later?
  4. Forgot I actually owned a mustang til I scrolled past this thread...
  5. It's good to take a break occasionally. That's why we consider this stuff a hobby, and not a job, you can always work on it at your own pace and enjoy it. Don't overwork yourself and make it feel like a second job.

  6. great advice! this economy sucks and so far i cant find that fn money tree either! keep it all in perspective hopefully down the road you will get some payback bangin gears!
  7. Sold the heads and a few other things. Shortblock will go soon as I get it pulled. No plans as of now but the roller probably wont leave my possession. Love a clean coupe, just need better timing.
  8. Did you get the job you were after?
  9. They're still dragging ass hiring for it. Still working on a few other leads. It'll come through one of these days though
  10. No progress on the coupe but I ended up landing the job I was after.things will be hectic for a while as I adjust but the money is definitely good so ill be able to do something car wise once ive settled down. The coupe is for sale but I don't know that ill actually sell it. For now I'm happy to be doing what I'm doing
  11. Congrats man! So what is it that you do do?
  12. He sells Progressive Insurance, can't you tell by his avatar?
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  13. Inspector at a steel mill. Is a much better job than it sounds and I'm pretty happy.

    Did my drug screening/physical today. They took urine, blood, breathalized and cut a patch of hair among...other things. Felt very Peter Griffin violated-ish
  14. Yeah, they have gotten pretty invasive with the pre-employment stuff now. Congrats on landing the job!

    I was actually about to get a shovel and start digging for my build thread to see if I still owned a car too. Lol.
  15. Checked on mine the other day so id remember what it looked like haha.
    Still there at least. thanks!
  16. Congrats on the job! Bummer you had to turn your head and cough.
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