Tannerc91gt's......91 Gt- It Runs, Again....nevermind

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  1. You’re seasoned pros by now I’m sure lol
  2. No, we just drink a lot to get through the day ;)
  3. How's life with a baby going?
  4. Hope you got a good milk pail for this job.
  5. It’s great man. Been pretty fun so far. Other than the whole, not sleeping thing. But it’s worth it. My wife’s definitely got it harder than I do lol.
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  6. D1A060CA-ABD7-476C-B1EA-6A5991FAD426.jpeg
    Managed to spend a few hours on my car surprisingly.
    Got enough trunk floor welded in to put a battery back in it. Got the fuel pump wired up, both fans, trans brake, power to the ignition, ECU, a few other things I’m sure I’m forgetting. Need to get a wire run to the starter and it’ll have everything electrically that it needs to run.
    Still have lights, windows, signals and locks to do after that though. Which will be the hardest part.

    Hoping to get a little more time to work on it next week also. But it’s progress.
  7. Now that is some good looking wiring..You do excellent work Tanner.
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  8. Thank you sir. Looking forward to the finished product myself.

    Ordered a c02 setup and a couple MAC valves to try and get the boost controller setup on this thing. Had intended to roll around on gate pressure but might as well tackle it while it’s still in pieces. Hopefully have a couple pictures to post on that next week.
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  9. I’m sure buying a backup motor is bad luck but I scored an L20 (iron gen 4 4.8) today basically for free.


    Not sure if that means I need another project to put it in or if I’ll just push it off in the corner for when my tuner blows the 5.3 up lol
  10. If spares are bad luck I'm in some serious trouble!
  11. Your truck could use 600hp... lol
  12. Just tell the tuner to not blow it up:rolleyes:
  13. B9A4704A-6AC6-4322-9C2D-6B5844FAFE8B.jpeg
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  14. :chinI see you wore a man suit to dinner when you met myself and JR..... :ninja:

    Such deception :fuss:

    Not sure if categorically catfishing:scratch: also not sure if that makes it wierd
  15. Small wiring victory for the day.

    Got enough of it hooked up to try it out.
    Touch screen lit up meaning the ECU had power, fuel pump primed, car starts off the key again instead of a push button. I wired the trans cooler to only have power when the fuel pump is running, which worked perfectly as well.

    I still need to wire up the lights and then I can go about cleaning up my harness. But after cutting every inch of wire out of the car, it was relieving to see it come alive for a second.
  16. Man that looks awesome..I’d like to copy most of your setup on a truck project of mine lol
  17. Just wierd
  18. Almost looks like you know what you're doing. :ninja:
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  19. The wiring looks stellar great job.
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