Tannerc91gt's progress thread

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  1. So I decided to start a build thread, nothing exciting, just what ive been doing on my ’91 lately and some future plans. Figured I could use some input from everyone down the road.

    So this is how it sat when I bought it
    Stock EVERYTHING other than Mac Headers, O/R H-pipe, and some 3 chamber flowmasters
    First things first, I HAD to get the windows tinted. 10% all around (Indiana is pretty laid back with their window tint laws) as well as a set of LX tails.
    And I ended up borrowing a set of 17x8/9 cobras from a friend that I rolled around on for a while, but ended up trading for a FREE set of wheels.
    Then about a month ago I started buying quite a bit of parts, nothing crazy, just trying to have a good base to build off of.
    This was one of 2 UPS shipments
    I also picked up a zex wet kit, running a 125 shot. Its wired to the TPS but before the track opens, im switching over to a button set-up and possibly switching to dry. Got a pretty good deal though, $200.

    A few weeks back, I put a new clutch, flywheel, PP, and all the little goodies that go along with it. I had a REALLY bad rear main seal leak that ended up destroying my clutch, so I didn’t have much of a choice. Went with the Ram HDx, isn’t quite broken in yet so the jury’s still out.

    Put the Lowering springs on next, Eibach Pro-kit with no Iso’s. All 4 stock Springs were BROKEN. Definitely sits low, ignore the tires; they’ve been flipped for now to hide the white lettering. Picking up some 155/80s BFGs for the front and 275/60/15 E.T. Streets for track season.
    Then I put the new mufflers on, Single Chamber flowmasters (very loud but I REALLY like the tone)
    They’re definitely not for everyone, but I like them.

    Last weekend I installed the 6AL box, Cap and rotor, Coil, and super conductors, as well as the Walbro 255 I picked up. The 6al box hums pretty loud anyone else notice this?
    Also picked up this Dash pod and some Autometers, not usually a big fan of 5” tachs but I really like the look in the pod.

    Also assembled my Track heat intake and fuel rail with the new 24s and adjustable reg.
    75mm TB/Spacer, Egr Delete plate (not pictured)

    Still have to install the rest of my stuff as well
    Steeda Torque Box plates, Subframe Connectors
    FRPP 4.10 gears (still looking for the right speedo gear)
    BBK fenderwell CAI, C&L MAF 76mm calibrated for 24#s
    And a few other odds and ends.
    Still have a long way to go before track season, but im starting a better paying job in 2 weeks so I should have some cash to play with.
  2. nice, 1 question though, why would you switch to a dry kit?
  3. Would you like this added to the official progress threads thread?
  4. I have a nice kit available to me, id prefer to stay with this kit if i can change a few things around, but its always an option.
    sure :nice:
  5. Looks great & you have made some good progress lately. I have always loved that color scheme on GT's...

    Looks like it sits pretty [email protected] lower for pro kit springs.

    Keep up the good work...:nice:
  6. I agree with Dustin, it looks like the car is sitting on sportlines, not the regular pro-kit. Are those the flowmaster 10 series mufflers? I always wanted to hear a set of those on a mustang in person since I saw this youtube clip. Sounds pretty badass to me...

    FRPP shorties, BBK offroad X, and flowmaster 10 series:
  7. Id stay with what you have, easy to rig up a button, just wire in a mometary switch. I personally think the throttle switchs are terrible set-ups, maybe with a auto but with a 5 speed, all bad.
  8. yes they're the 10 series. I did quite a bit of Internet/YouTube research before I went with them, but I ended up really liking them. They've got a nasty idle and scream when you lay into it. Especially since mine are dumped
    And They are the pro-kit springs, i was also suprised with how low they ended up sitting, it's a bit higher in the back. I just snapped a quick pic in the driveway ill post up in a few

    Yeah, ive been pretty happy with the zex kit quality, but not with the TPS trigger. Its trash IMO, and is very inconsistent. Ill be switching over to a coil cord button very soon hopefully. Nitrous is addictive as hell :nice:
  9. View attachment 232767
    Slight Rake, but the sidewall is smaller in the back (i didnt buy these tires). it will look much better with a few more suspension pieces and different tires.
  10. Have you installed the 275/60-15s yet? From what I've seen they might give you trouble rubbing the GT body molding.
  11. no i havent, and ive wondered the same thing. I think they'll fit but im going to do some measuring.
  12. I thought you were selling this one.
  13. i was looking to trade + cash for an 96-98 Cobra, but then I started buying parts :shrug:
  14. Right on.... Good progress so far.
  15. lol don't you love when that happens.

    lookin good man :nice:
  16. Looks good man, ran those mufflers for a little while and they sound MEAN!
  17. what series flows did you have before?
  18. I think they're 40 series. But theres no model # or anything on them so im not 100% on that.