Tannerc91gt's progress thread

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  1. oh, I have 3 chambers on mine, was going for the sleeper sound, but now I wanna get some 2 chambers to get a little more noise, also wanna get a set of long tubes in place of the equal length shorties I have now. should sound way better and pick up some ponies as well.
  2. Well the 2 Chambers will be good if you're looking to go a bit louder. Now, if you'd like your whole neighborhood to know when your leaving in the morning, i suggest the single chambers :D
  3. I had the singles on a 67 camaro with 383ci. so yes, my neighbors hated me for a while, haha
  4. I run open cutouts on my dodge ram and my mustang has MAC's either way my neighbors all know when I leave for work in the morning.
  5. yeah i had heard the aftermarket cables were junk. My cable is fine, so im better off just getting the adj. and quadrant?
  6. Yes...never waste money with an aftermarket cable. This is coming from someone who has gone through 2 UPR cables and is currently on a Steeda cable:nonono:
  7. i dont know if you know about the speedo situation, but you will have to get a 6 tooth drive and a 23 tooth speedo gear. you have a 7 tooth now in the trans and with the 23 tooth it will read around 12-15 mph high. with the 6 tooth it will work perfectly..
  8. scored a set of nearly new Welds for $200. Picking them up tonight. Just waiting on my tax return to get tires for them, and then i can get rid of these jegsters.
  9. Going to be short on extra spending cash for the mustang for a couple months so im just laying low and doing some cleaning and what not.
    Picked up the Meguiars Headlight Resto Kit today to clean up my LX tails after work. Ive used the 3M kit before and liked it but i figured id give this a shot. I think it turned really well, might be hard to tell from the pics.

  10. I might be the only one reading this :D, but ill update anyways.

    Got the new wheels today, well new to me anyways. They are 15x8 and 15x3.5 Weld Draglites. Got them off a friend for a really good price. They were pretty dirty and hazy but i figured id polish them up and see how they turn out.


    After- using Mothers


    Sorry, iPhone doesnt take the greatest pictures (its been dropped a million times) but they are definitly coming along.

    Going to finish this one tonight and do the other 3 on my day off thursday.
  11. looks good to me i know what you mean about funds being low i took all my interior out cleaned up only thing i spent money on was the paint for door jams and seat belts not to bad in my opinion keep up the good work
  12. wow, that wheel came out great dude! keep up the good work and keep the pics coming! i can always appreciate a low budget build as much as a top dollar high end one :nice:
  13. Thanks man. Im definitly doing a budget build for now. Just trying to put something together that i can get some decent times out of when the track opens back up. Going to start building a motor once this new job thing settles down. Got big plans just like everyone else around here :D

    I ended up finishing all the wheels tonight.
    Still need to buff them out a bit. Now just waiting on Uncle Sam to send me some cash for tires.

    Everything else is together and ready to go on. Going to try to get to it in the next few weeks but theres still a long while until track season and ive got a lot going on so im not in a big hurry.
  14. Ford racing has an awesome quardrant and cable.:nice:
  15. Dang dude those wheels are Cleeeean!
  16. The wheels look great!