Tannerc91gt's progress thread

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  1. Just a small update i guess.

    going to be held up for a bit on getting everything together. My gears guy is in FL for a while, we got 14" of snow here, and ive decided to strip my intake and have it powdercoated. Going to get some valve covers to swap in while the intake is off as well. Ive caught the engine bay cleaning bug and am going to be painting a lot under the hood also.

    Also found this panel made by painless ill be using when i redo my nitrous wiring.
    not a fan of the carbon fiber look but they have a black version i believe.

    Still have to get bulkhead fittings from Zex and a few different size jets. Ive got a set of tires picked out that ill be picking up when i get my tax money and a few other odds and ends.
  2. Ya i hate the way carbon fiber looks too so +1 on the black switch pannel. Got pics of that powdercoated intake? What color did you paint it?
  3. I haven't got it done yet, still trying to pick a color to match the VCs.

    Going to have it done Here:
    Indy Powder Coating
    unless any of the Indy area guys know of a better place
  4. Actually I've heard pretty good things about them. Not sure if they're true things but definitely can't wait to see the finished project.:nice:
  5. well as usual plans have changed. Not going to go into too much detail (nothing crazy, just dont like being the guy who claims to be doing things and not actually doing them :D)
    intake isnt going to be powdercoated (it cleaned up a lot better than i thought it would, and im just going to paint the lower)
    Probably going to sell the draglites or trade them for prostars....
    which will free up some spending money for other parts.
    ill post actual details once its underway..

    i actually think i only update this to help remind me what im doing sometimes...
  6. e2d6e272.jpg
  7. Nice, looks good
  8. Bastard! Looks awesome dude!:nice: You drive it yet?
  9. Yeah just drove it home. Set the fuel pressure and drove it home. It was idling like hell but i ended up getting it to settle down. Sounds good and runs a hell of a lot better.
  10. Did you paint the valve covers?
  11. Yeah I painted them and replaced the gaskets. I was tired of looking at that nasty
    grey/green color they were.

    I'm going to start painting all the accessory brackets as well
  12. cool man, keep up the work. what times do you run in the quarter mile? are you still using the stock T5?
  13. Don't have any times in this car yet, and I'm not quite finished with everything yet so I'm kind of in a rush to get some stuff done before April. And yes I'm still running the stock trans. Gonna run it til it gives up the ghost and then probably have it rebuilt z spec.
  14. yeah im really excited to get my Z spec trans from astro, i got about ten days before i can start dropping mine and go buy the new one.
  15. Tanner, where are you located? Are you in Indy?

    I see you were considering Indy Powdercoat, I've had stuff done before there, they do good work. They also charged me $30 less than they quoted, haha. I know you aren't going to PC the intake anymore, but I thought I'd let ya know if you're considering them for anything else.
  16. I live in southern Indiana right on the river. But thanks for the info man, I'll definitly be using them in the future
  17. Ohio or White River?
  18. Ohio. Madison,IN
  19. e9f744bc.jpg

    well, I've got the dash and cluster pulled out. It's kind of thrown back in there in the pic. I've got the lights working on the gauges and just trying to figure out the best way to run the lines through the firewall behind the cluster. I think I may run it through the grommet that the wiring harness goes through on the drivers side. Just don't want to end up pinching off the O/P line. Water temp line shouldn't be a problem I don't think.
    Anyone have any suggestions for a better place to run the lines through?
    I've given up for the day, hard to go to work and have energy left to work on the

    Still haven't really "driven" the car with the new mods on it...it's been too cold and raining.