Progress Thread Tanner's "there's Probably A Name For This Illness" Builds Thread

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  1. Schoneck is the original van-o mold
  2. Schoneck is the way to go all they way. You definitely get what you pay for!
  3. I'll check em out, thanks guys.
    Just wanna do something a little different I think.
  4. Schoneck is the way to go all they way. You definitely get what you pay for!
  5. I usually take pride in my google machine skills but all I see are forum posts about whether or not they're in business. Is there a website I'm not seeing?

    Edit: found it
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  6. You can also try Dan Schonecks Facebook page. He posts deals and discounts on there from time to time
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  7. The fox section didn't even list hoods so I sent him a message. Thanks for your help
  8. image.jpg

    Doing a little research as to how this will sit being 96+ and going under a pre 91 car
  9. image.jpg
    Only things left now are the door panels, fuel system, brake master and rear axle. Then I can finally get the coupe in.
    I'm going to leave the doghouse at my house because I know I'll trash it somehow. So I've still got to bring tools home for that. I'm gonna try and remove the windshield myself(might talk myself out of it) I know it will help with my dash swap trimming though. From what I've read I'm not looking forward to the swap at all, hopefully I'm wrong.
  10. Dang that is a lot of progress. Are you going to smooth out any of the fender aprons or just pop it in there? That interior is a lot of work to put in . Good luck with it. I never liked how the door handles ended up in the dash and have to be cut back.
  11. I'll be doing a bunch of the Scott rod pieces down the road. My engine bay is so uncluttered that the motor really isn't in the way for the front aprons, the heater core delete plate and the core support trim. I like the aluminum look so it may not get painted either.
    It's really low priority though.
    Wanting to get the car together with any new bugs worked out by the end of this year and go from there.
    The front glass pieces are going to be expensive and there's a lot of little stuff back on the list.

    Whoever owned this car before me is a dumb***. Were I not carrying over 90% of the white car with access to miscellaneous parts is be pretty ****ed off.

    Ps. Anyone considering the glue on quarter window trim, don't.
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  12. Well done, hadn't been online in a few days and BAM.
  13. Missed your question, it'll be NA this year. Probably never see a bottle, just a lot of NA driving while the turbo parts are stockpiled
    I cheated. The dash is an in and out in 15 minutes kind of thing. Best decision I ever made.
    Hoping that since it's coming out in basically 4 big pieces that this build will be fairly boring going together initially.
  14. image.jpg
    Got that out of the way.
  15. you're a drug dealer. all of your customers are strung out, ex- NMRA racers trying to unload their hagged out broken shi t.
    ( back before they became addicted)

    You offer a dime bag for a set of 275's

    They reluctantly bring the tires to you.

    More or less you steal the stuff.

    You're a drug dealer, and a thief.
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  16. How pleasant. I never learned much drug lingo but a dime bag for $330+ tires seems like I have some pretty good chit
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  17. Hell, I figured a dime bag was worth about 100.oo bucks (hence the reference to "stealing") and if drug dealers use the metric system, adjusting for inflation,...a dime bag in the 60's would be worth 100.00 at todays exchange rate.:rolleyes:

    Shows what I know about drug dealers, dime bags, and what used 275's are worth.
  18. They've only got about 10 street miles on em and for $0 difference they're gettin it done.
    I'm sure you'll hand sculpt your tires but these are gonna do it for me!
  19. That'll have to wait till the rubber tree I just planted reaches maturity.
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  20. Looks like that hoods gonna run me $1,000 shipped. Which isn't surprising but it's gonna have to sit on the back burner for a while. I'm still fixated on the idea of having a less cookie cutter cowl but I'm lacking a sponsor :D

    Edit: Dan Schoneck made me a pretty good offer on Facebook so I guess I'll get one after all. Still way too expensive :fuss:
    Gonna have to pick up some OT again it looks like.
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