Progress Thread Tanner's "there's Probably A Name For This Illness" Builds Thread

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  1. Gotta pay to play homie.
  2. So I think there's been a bit of a change of plans. Weird, I know.
    Here's how the car sits now.
    Now that I tracked down a badass hood and got a good price ($850 if anyone is interested)
    I kinda realized how much I like the stock hood. It's already the right color, it's already in my possession and I think these cars look great when they're kept simple.
    Now before you think I've just cheaped out, this route won't save me a cent at a glance.
    I'll have to sell off my super victor, eddy rail, 4150 combination because it just won't come close to clearing a stock hood.
    The only thing I can switch to that's even comparable IMO will be a FAST 102/102 setup. Which isn't cheap in the slightest.
    I still think it will be a small downgrade in performance but one I'm willing to live with.

    At least that's what I'm kickin around now.

  3. ds_img_direct[1].gif
  4. image.jpg
    Somehow I managed to forget to roll the windows up before I started gutting :doh:

    But the coupes safely home. And if you play a little "I spy" there's an entire car on the ground and shelves
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  5. What kind of rear axle are you planning on using? If I remember right you were talking about a 5 lug/spool/4.10 in the other car. Are you going to step up to 35 spline? Also you're still running the LS and I'm wondering how you're going to fit that under the hood if you're not going to run with the cowl hood.
  6. image.jpg
    Looks normal again and I got to keep my painted mirrors that I actually like.
    The rear going in will be the sn95 axle. It's got 5 lug 28 spline "mosers" and a mini spool in the stock carrier with a 4.10 gear. The axle length is the reason I'm carrying it over as it will work better with my wheel spacing. Otherwise I hate it as I don't think it's going to survive long at all.
    When the time comes I'll putting the fox axle in with 9" ends, full spool and 33+ splines.
    the way it should have been done the first time.. This will require I change the wheel back spacing. I'd like to shorten the tubes about 1" and do a 15x10 5.5 BS for more dish

    As for clearance, nothing is set in stone until the motor is in but I'm 99.9% sure that although it sits very low, this combo won't fit at all. And 100% it wouldn't with a filter anyways.

    So I'll be going to a FAST intake
    image.jpg the newest 102 will work well on my combo and should give me plenty of room under a stock hood. They also come with bosses for a direct port nitrous setup.
    The downside is for the 102 with a 102mm throttle body, fuel rails and a throttle cable bracket I'll be looking at $1,600. Twice the cost of putting a cowl hood on it (unpainted of course)
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  7. I got one of those in my driveway. Only mines sitting on jackstands.

    How did you get the body outside?
  8. Someone would steal the jack stands so I saved them the satisfaction.

    I had an old tonneau off the f150 that the towing company just tossed in the parking lot. Flipped it upside down, under the chassis and pulled it out with a strap like a sled. It actually worked brilliantly.
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  9. Looks like the vert i have sitting at my house. What are you going to do with the body on the sn95?
  10. Im so relieved looking at that nice trim black around the windows!
  11. Me too! Cowl panel and windshield trim next!
  12. I have a friend that wants to buy it and back half it for a drag car. If that falls through it'll probably have to get stripped to 100% and junked. Feel bad but I don't see an alternative

  13. Man.... I wish I had not read this post. :(

    This is another really good reason why I dislike swaps.
  14. The situation would be the same if I had built a 351...

  15. Mostly... Except that a lot more folks can help with questions about a Windsor swap, than they can about an LS. :p It's a forum about Mustangs. We generally like them around here. :D
  16. Ordered a set of CC plates today so i can put the front end under the car hopefully by tuesday.
    going to paint the rest of the trim tomorrow and maybe swap the rear ends.
    Theres a chance the drivelines going to get shuffled up and my self-imposed deadline pushed out a while. But im still on the fence and going to try not to get ahead of myself like im known to do. Just going to stick to buying parts that will work either way for now.
  17. Video of you dragging the car out would have been priceless. Please mount a go pro in the shop with a live feed. I for one would tune it to that every week for atleast an hour!
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  18. We've got a video but he said it was too dark transitioning from inside to out. I truly believed it would kill one of us and I figured it would help with the trial :D
  19. Alright well heres an update. Got a guy supposed to be sending a deposit on the motor/ecu tonight and another fella arranging shipping for the transmission. no parts or money have changed hands as of now.

    The coupe is going to stay but the "deadline" has been moved out indefinitely. going to spend some time doing all the stuff i would have probably rushed through to get it on the road. Its just going to be something to slowly put back together as time allows. nothing like the white car.

    pulled the home depot carpet out of it. wanting to strip the factory padding/deadening
    any tips @madmike1157 @RacEoHolic330 i know you guys have been down that road a few times

    tried out the sn95 carpet IMG_6131.JPG
    a little trimming and vacuuming and itll work great.
  20. Dry ice and a rubber mallet worked wonders for me for removing sound deadening. I put it in thin bags for the curved area.