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  1. You're all nothing but a bunch of Android geeks! :stick2:
  2. "LIKE"
  3. We're better than you hippie liberal iPhone leftist douches :fuss:
  4. lol true capitalists can afford iPhones and plans :nice:
  5. You mad son... shouldn't you be protesting hard working entrepreneurs with your occupy group?
  6. I'm just here because I heard there was pizza?
  7. you forget I am an entrepreneur. Silly Nate.
  8. My TT seems to have quit working again.
  9. TT is currently disabled due to the issues we've been having with the most recent update. Stay tuned.
  10. But I was enjoying the 15 alerts from one action. Made me feel important.
  11. Run it through it's paces gentleman... TT is now enabled but we couldn't duplicate the problems that we were having before.

    Disabling the plug-in and turning it back on later may have had something to do with it. We also had a problem with another module during the DNS problem we had that may or may not have been related. :shrug:

    It's like finally getting the damned car to the garage only to discover that it's not making the noise anymore. :fuss:
  12. No update for me, but my evo is a 2 year old phone now, so maybe they quit supporting it.
  13. My TT just updated and Fight Club and Squeeky Wheel disappeared.

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  14. Your phone is the dumb. :notnice:
  15. Try it now.
  16. Mine stopped yesterday

    2000 3.8 atlantic blue vert .
    Chagrin Falls, Ohio
  17. just started working again today...thx

    Sent from my rooted, rommed Galaxy Nexus....
  18. Just got the update

    2000 3.8 atlantic blue vert .
    Chagrin Falls, Ohio
  19. Works for me today.

    Of course my phone is rooted. Its my portable computer that happens to make phone calls. Why would I not want admin access to my computer?