Tapping Noise Bellhousing With Rpm

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by thatderekguy, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. First off I would like to say I am new to the mustang world and am excited to learn about these cars. I am however having a little problem with the 01 cobra that I have just traded for. I don't know a lot about the car I got it from a 60+ yo man who also couldn't tell me much about it. lol It does have a JLT short ram, aftermarket crank pulley,JBA headers, off road x pipe. Anyways, I have a metallic tapping noise that I cant seem to figure out where it is coming from exactly, but I believe Ive narrowed it down a little so maybe someone can help me out. I will be posting a video soon to help out with the noise also. It is loudest around 2k rpm range, doesn't do it so much at idle and sometimes randomly I cant get it to make the noise at all. THe majority of the time though it makes the noise and hear it most when shifting gears. I first thought it was a rod bearing, so I killed the cylinders to see if it changed the noise at all, didn't change. Listening by ear it sounds like the noise is coming from behind the engine, not the front so I don't suspect the timing chain, although I did pull the valve covers to check if it was loose and it wasn't. So I got ahold of a stethoscope and started probing around a bit , I could not hear the noise in either the oil pan or the valve covers but I do hear it coming from the transmission/bellhousing area. I pulled the cover off and the clutch looks shiny, like it isn't very old, I am just wondering if it may be the flywheel has loosened up maybe wasn't tightened up if when it was replaced, and if it not, what else could possibly be making the noise . Any help is appreciated. thanks.