Taurus fan install(in the process of)

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  1. Well i went to the Route 66 Cruise and got tired of this thing running hot.....AGAIN(210*,220*,230*,240*+). I think i can narrow it down to my current fans. It runs at about 180 at freeway speed, but in the cruise route it was pegging the gauge. The traffic was moving at -5 MPH and took about 45-60 minutes to do the route. Well i went and got a Tauras fan and heres a few pics.I have to get a bigger relay and wire it tomorrow, but hooked to a charger,it will suck a paper and a towel to the front of the grill.
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  2. pictures no worky.
  3. Shroud looks a little small

    Of course I don't know what you had before, but that shroud is loosing you some serious square inches of radiator cooling area. And yes, every little bit does help. Trust me, I've been there, and done that on a professional level. It's amazing how much cooling there is up in the corners.
    If you still have issues, I'd fabricate a shroud that covers the entire finned area.
    Hope it works out as that is a clean install job, and fabricating the whole darned shroud is a PITA.

  4. the shroud is as big as its gonna get on the core,theres about 1" of uncovered area down the side and the bottom. Its not a custom fan,just a junkyard bolt on. Im going from a universal 16" with no shroud, so this is already 100 times better.
  5. Nevermind Its working now
  6. Looks good! The shroud should make all the difference in the world. Make sure to use a relay large enough to start it safely and an inside the cab LED always made me feel more comfortable it was off/on when it should be.
  7. That is a very nice install of the fan and I like the radiator mounting brackets. Hope you don't mind, but I'm borrowing your ideas; imitation is the best form of flattery :D Man that install is sweet!

    The only difference between the Taurus fan and the might might Mark VIII is fan shroud size and fan blades. So.... you're going to need a 75A relay for that thing. A smaller one will work for a while, but it will give up on you. If you wire in an LED, run it off the fan + & - leads. Also, make sure you run a freewheeling diode; something rated ~400PIV.
  8. Use whatever i deas you need.:nice: I have no problem helping somebody else,only when they knock what i have done and say"what i would do is....." and havent even done it:shrug:

    the Mark VIII is a 18" fan i believe(shoulda got one,but this is trial and error)Thanks for the wiring tips. My last fans had no relays and ran through a switch for 10 years with no problem,but i know this fan will spike at about 70+ amps on start up then about 35 constant.
    Thanks again. Off to find a relay:D
  9. edit,double post
  10. Did the electric fan solve the issue? I have the same issue in that mine runs at 180 as long as I'm moving but if I sit an idle for a long time it will peg the gage. I have all the correct parts, shroud, clutch fan, correct mtg distance but a 3+ core brass/copper big block radiator.
  11. im trying to get off my butt to go get the relay and then i'll let it sit and adle for about 1/2 hour and see what happens. I have a show sunday and the entrance line will be about 300 cars, so that is the real test.:(
  12. Very nice install and great looking engine compartment:nice:

    The Taurus fan will pull some major air. I have one on my Jeep Wrangler and have it connected to a 30A relay. It is wired on low speed only for this reason and cools my Jeep perfectly fine. I would still like to get a bigger relay for it to use high speed if I ever need to. Where do you guys get a 75 Amp relay? Because no auto parts store around he carries them.
  13. I drove around for 3 hours and cant find a 75 amp:nonono:

    just found it, special order P/N Bosch 0 332 002 150, 75 amp $46 bucks :(
  14. can you give me a couple measurements when you get a chance;
    how thick is the whole fan assembly?
    what are the overall length and width of the shroud?

  15. Hi.
    These people have a 70amp relay kit for $25.00 or just the relay for $13.00, not sure where Rowland Hills is in South. CA. but they have several dealers in the LA area.


    Also you could wire two 40 amp relays in parralel to give you an 80 amp relay, one advantage being is they are standard relays and easy to find in an emergency, not so the 70.
    Hope this helps/Steve
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  17. I cut my shroud around the lip to make the depth closer to about 4",rather then 4.5" and some of the mounting areas were cut off to make it about 22" wide.

    And I found out my buddy runs his off a standard 40 amp relay.
  18. figures:bang:

    Thanks...............But the relay i got is a deisel glow plug relay, oh well, i guess its better to have a place close by incase it the wrong part:rolleyes:

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