Taurus fan install(in the process of)

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  1. whoa, still alive:D

    I used a stock lower hose and the angle didnt hurt too much. If you weld or know a welder you could probably make a "pie" cut on the bottom of the outlet,bend it and reweld it.
  2. I don't know anyone that can weld Aluminum. Ill probably take a close hanger
    and make a pattern for the hose I need and see if I can match one up.

    On the radiator support it looks like you used cut heater hose to install around
    the edge.

    I cut the radiator out on the 69 mustang to get more clearance between the fan the the water pump pulley. My raditator has to be slightly tilted on top to get
    like 3/8" clearance.

    Did this improve on your cooling your engine?

    Thanks for the input.
  3. I used a door weather strip on the bare metal edge and foam made a seal against the radiator core.

    My car has always ran warm, which the whole time , but it might have been caused by a bad gauge sending unit,13 dollar part:nonono:. The car cools better at a idle then driving,and never loses a drop of water.Im sure a more mild N/A will run cooler then mine
  4. thanks for the help
  5. Little update. While my car was CPR getting a little work done, Dustin checked my cooling system temps. My Autometer gauge is reading about 15* higher then the actual temp. Lower outlet was 145* and inlet was 175*, gauge was in the 190's.:bang:

    I spent years and $$$$$ chasing this problem and the gauge is innaccurate.:notnice:
  6. Did you use a thermal laser gun to check temps?
  7. I know the couple laser guns we used on copper dont give the correct temp readings. One is a high end very expensive unit that one of our employees own, and the other is my cheapie radio shack version. Both would not read the correct temp off a copper line. Says its cold, when in fact it was fairly hot.

    Personally after that, I put more faith in the gauge than one of the thermal guns.
  8. yes, the lower portion of the core is touchable, so its not that hot, or at least anywhere near the gauge.Im still gonna put a manfold gauge and replace the Autometer.
  9. Your right. They don't read right on anything shiny. The bottom center of the rad was 102 and you can put the back of your hand on it and hold it. The temp sender read 152-155.
  10. gotcha. That was the first time I used it for that purpose and it was tickin me off. lol

  11. Thats good news. At least you figured it out. I had a piece of paper towel that
    was 3"x2" that was stuck in my Thermostat. I added a fan and pissed around with alot of things that didn't work. Im still going through with the High Volume
    water pump and Aluminum radiator. I figure I bought it I might as well use it...LOL.