Tax Break for Texas - 2011 Edition!

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    Since Latemodel Restoration Supply is located in central Texas, we always hear from our customers about how great our service is, and how fast our shipping is to the Lone Star State! Shipping is to Texas is next-day in most cases! This blog, however, is not about shipping. This time, it's about taxes. Everyone feels that they are Taxed Enough Already, and unfortunately our Texas customers incur the extra burden of state sales tax on their purchases from us.

    Every fall, the state of Texas has a Tax Free Weekend where purchases of school supplies and clothing all across the state are not charged sales tax. Now, obviously, wheel and tire packages or headlights are not school supplies, but students may need those for safety just as well as a sporty new backpack, right? So in honor of the Texas Tax Free Weekend, LRS will be offering a discount to offset the tax if you live in Texas. This LRS "Tax Break" will run from August 19-August 21st.

    Texans, Enjoy your "Tax Break" by shopping on! Just add this "part" to your cart!

    Details: We have to charge tax to all Texas residents, it's the law. So, Texas customers that purchase during the promotional period WILL see a charge for sales tax on their invoice. We'll be offsetting the sales tax by applying an LRS discount to the pre-tax parts and shipping total. This LRS discount will be equivalent to the tax that would have been charged on the un-discounted order total. The purchase, for all practical purposes, is "Tax Free".

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  2. I was born in Texas.. does that count? :D
  3. Considering you already don't pay Texas sales tax, not really, but it does earn you cool points!
  4. God bless Texas