Tax Break for Texas!

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    Since Latemodel Restoration Supply is located in central Texas, we always hear from our customers about how great our service is, and how fast our shipping is to the Lone Star State! Shipping is to Texas is next-day in most cases! This blog, however, is not about shipping. This time, it's about taxes. Everyone feels that they are Taxed Enough Already, and unfortunately our Texas customers incur the extra burden of state sales tax on their purchases from us.

    Every fall, the state of Texas has a Tax Free Weekend where purchases of school supplies and clothing all across the state are not charged sales tax. Now, obviously, wheel and tire packages or headlights are not school supplies, but students may need those for safety just as well as a sporty new backpack, right? So in honor of the Texas Tax Free Weekend, LRS will be offering a discount to offset the tax if you live in Texas. This LRS "Tax Break" will run from August 19-September 6th.

    Texans, Enjoy your "Tax Break" by shopping on! Just add this "part" to your cart!

    Details: We have to charge tax to all Texas residents, it's the law. So, Texas customers that purchase during the promotional period WILL see a charge for sales tax on their invoice. We'll be offsetting the sales tax by applying an LRS discount to the pre-tax parts and shipping total. This LRS discount will be equivalent to the tax that would have been charged on the un-discounted order total. The purchase, for all practical purposes, is "Tax Free".
  2. seems like a good deal

    pretty cool - how often is this again?
  3. This was the first run at it, but we may end up making it an annual deal.
  4. Why not just offer it to Texas customers all of the time, since it's just as easy to order from out of state and save the tax on big orders. You get business, we get to do business with Texans, everybody's happy. :shrug:

    I know I'm not the only Texan who's thought this....
  5. They have to 'tax' even when they ran this special they did but they just discounted the products by the tax total. I do agree that I don't shop with them for sheer fact of tax and $15 dollar shipping. They have products you can't get anywhere else and I really like that, but the only way I get anything from them is to make a trip to see them and not pay shipping. Usually I end up getting my products from a company who has no tax or shipping charges which I'm sure we all know who that is.. I am about to order stuff actually and if I was to not pick it up it would cost me more to ship it than the actual price of the part I need.
  6. Yup I know they have to "tax" in state and discount by tax total to not charge you tax..... I agree!! MY point was, If they ATE the tax for TEXANS, they would pick up so much BUSINESS that it would more than make up for the small amount they lost by discounting the tax amount. As for pick up, I live 5-6 hours away, that ain't gonna happen. More business = more profit. Simple math.
  7. ship it out of state then have it forwarded to your texan address
  8. Thanks for your input guys! We monitored the success of this promotion, & quite frankly, it wasn't much of a success. Texas constitutes our largest population of customers in our customer base & their buying habits were unaffected by not paying sales tax. We don't make decisions lightly & weigh all options. We strive to offer all our customers the best value we possibly can. While we may give the promotion another go this year, I can say with a high degree of certainty that a tax discount will likely not be a full time deal.

    Even though Texas customers are faced with the extra cost of sales tax, there are some solid benefits associated with ordering from us; we have almost everything we sell in stock & ready to ship, which means that most Texas customers can have their parts the following day if they order before 2pm. Getting out to the extremities of Texas sometimes takes UPS 2 days; still a couple of days quicker than ordering from up north. Food for thought.

    As for shipping, $14.99 is the standard freight charge for items that ship via ups ground, no matter how much or how little you order. However, for orders under 1lb & under $100, we do have a Saver Shipping option that is $6.99.

    Keep the suggestions coming, we appreciate it!
  9. ^^^^^^this....+1

    Now how do all of your customers align their "buying habits" with a two week window?:scratch: Doesn't take a PHD to tell that's not enough data to make that statement truthfully, But I digress....
  10. Once again, we appreciate your input.