Tc Disk Brake Flipped Brackets

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  1. I remember seeing a write up, a while back, about how to use the Turbo Coupe rear end brakes with Fox body length axels. I can't find it now . I'm collecting parts for my winter projects. Just want to get the info sorted.

  2. Not sure but I believe you would use the setup similar to what I have,check here
    thats the turbo coupe setup with 4-lug, I have the Cobra setup and theres also an SN95 unit too. I am using 93' Cobra R calipers, and had a local Axle shop make custom 5-lug axles for mine, but pretty sure they are widely available nowadays (this was like 5 years ago) as far as rotors go you are fairly limited to the 4-lug variety but I also ordered a new set through Breeze Automotive (Richard at North Racecars recommended them) just a month ago in fact. They are redrilled 4-lugs to 5(machined on a jig) and not too bad on the price compared to some of the alternatives, or going custom aftermarket where the sky is the limit.
    If you have questions look for the email to Richard, or call him... he's very helpful and knowledgeable and gets back fairly quickly. When I got my car the PO had did the rear disk setup all wrong (wrong axles, rotors, and no caliper mounts/rigged setup) I've corrected everything but still need the e-brake cables as they are a custom unit, and always seem to be out of stock when I have the extra funds.
  3. I saw something where you cut a hole in the old bracket and mount it in the back and it lines up right. Hoping to not drop the $$ on brackets

  4. Thats sort of what was rigged on my car when I got it, not a very safe setup to be honest....there were numerous washers and spacers, etc...The brackets are only a little over a hundred, and in my opinion a lot safer.
  5. That's how I have mine set up but with 5 lug. I'm pretty sure the turbo coupe set up is still 4 lug, correct?
  6. I'm staying 4 lug for now
  7. I'd still like to see the write up on flipping the brackets...

  8. Yes and the Cobra R as well I believe..... thats what I have but w/custom axles and 5 hole rotors
  9. That's what I needed.