TCP IS out of business :(

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  1. I was just told by the guy who told me about this that the post might not actually be from TCP. Thats the last time I listen to my friends who own cougars. The guy(cougar owner) who read it on the TCP website called me, then called another cougar guy. The second cougar guy said he read on a forum it might not be a factual post. Sorry guys
  2. I am half interested in ordering a T-shirt. Just to see if It would be delivered.

    they shouldnt be out of stock of those, so if there are still employees there it should be shipped. :shrug:
  3. looks real to me, the guy who says they are out of business his screen name is "tcp"
  4. Oh..btw, Hindle pipes are out of business too. (we used to make exhaust systems for motorcycles)


    If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell ya...
  5. It's amazing to me that a company that could barely keep up with it's many orders could go out of business. I have their subframe connectors and their "x-cage" as well. Great products, guess they never figured out customer service.
  6. are you posting that from hindle's forums???
  7. I just tried to check out their website (from my "favorites" list) and got a "Cannot find server" message! :( :nonono:
  8. It works for me stanger. It might something with your server.
  9. hmm, worked for me last night, but not today.

  10. Man I saw that post by "tcp" (NOTE LOWER CASE), and am very sceptical about it. I mean Lino actually posts as Lino (TCP) and has a logo in his sig. The post below though "seems" to KNOW (maybe he is guessing) that "tcp" is the owner of TCP.

    Also in another thread about previous customer support he replied "."

    When they post on their main page "OUT OF BUSINESS" I will believe it, as it is such a simple thing to do.
  11. Ok, site not working for me either, that is as good as "OUT OF BUSINESS" to me.
  12. site works for me, don't bury em yet.....
  13. I posted a response to the question about getting parts on the TCP site last night, as well as started a new thread to see whether it's possible to still get a part. After starting my new thread, I posted a reply with only a '.' and entered the name 'TCP' to see whether it was a real password-protected TCP username. It was not, anyone can post a reply from 'TCP', so it's not clear whether the first response from 'tcp' was from Terry or a former employee. Clearly they are closed for business, hopefully someone will purchase their inventory and intellectual property and begin selling their products and service parts. Keep your fingers crossed..

  14. i too am not able to get to the site tonight. i was able to last night and even registered on the forum so i could make sure the link that was posted on another site was for real. i have to agree that tcp is gone never to be heard from again (at least as tcp anyway)
  15. i just tried the link and i get a gateway error.
  16. Same's down now.
  17. If it works for you it might be that you are seeing a cached version in your browser. Hit F5 and see if it still works.