TCP IS out of business :(

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  1. the only other advantage i can see to the fatman kit besides the adjustable ride height and bigger brakes is the cost of replacement parts, if you had to replace the suspension as a whole it could possibly be cheaper. escort racks are a dime a dozen as are late model spindles and brakes and the stock style strut as well
  2. I wish I could afford the time into a Griggs setup. :(
  3. Too bad Total Control Products couldn't run a business as well as they could make parts. I hope the idea guy(s) from the company end up at a company that can stay in business.
  4. You can bet on it!
  5. The idea guy was the owner, Terry Buch. He will not be associated with the new owner(s) AFAIK.
  6. Will the new owners be producing the sub-frame connectors as they are now? If not, does anyone know of anyone who produces something comparable? I really liked the TCP 2-kit sub-frame connectors and was planning on buying a set for my '65. :shrug:
  7. We still have 1 or 2 sets of TCP Sub Center sections left.

    Terry is a great guy but he still owes me about 7k. Imagine that, he doesn't return my calls...

    Long story short, the designs were taken and/or improved upon, not by us. They'll be surfacing very soon by another unrelated company...
  8. so how will we know? Are they going to go, formally tcp parts or are we just supposed to know that they are because its a "new" line?
  9. It's likely their name won't be mentioned but the designs will be obvious...
  10. Most likely spherical rod ends and tubular arms, coil-overs, etc. will be familiar.

    I bet there are big changes to the rear suspension. I wonder if it'll be close to what I've been thinking up. I'll have to wait and see I guess.
  11. maybe i'll hold off on the GW stuff for a while
  12. What about the Kit 1s? PM me!
  13. someone let the info out on who is bringing out these parts, Im getting impatient.
  14. According to the Cougar forum that I previously linked
    Now everyone has a number to call to bug them. I've heard they will have product in as little as 60 days.