TCP power R&P now only 2500

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  1. I have no connection to this Guy/Co. but noticed a post on another board. It' might be worth a Look.

    Ah ....... helps if I read the ENTIRE Thread Doh!
  2. I'll be there

    Hey Randall..I'll be up in Wa helping my parents move. We are going to try to make it to the show on Sunday. I will make sure I go to your booth to check out your rack and introduce myself.

    Any one else who is local and wants to talk cars please respond..I would enjoy to meet someone from this site.

  3. Bellevue was great!(as always)
    I was there with a randallsrack and I had many favorable comments about the system. Most people thought the rack and pinion system looked pretty good. Made some good contacts with several suppliers. Thanks to eveyone that stopped by and sad hello.
    We did the pony trails. Around 400 cars total at the end. Good work by all those involved.
    Put some new pictures on my web site showing a few install shots on a 65/6 and 67/8. I hope they do not load to slow.
  4. I was disappointed not to be able to make it to the shows (especially since it was in my backyard), and you were one of the folks I was looking forward to meeting and speaking with. I'm not quite in the market yet, but I do see a time coming when I'll want to convert. I see you've now done a '67-'68 install, but the question is when will you trial fit a '69-'70? I don't suspect it will be much of a jump from the '67-'68 kit, but... :shrug:

    Also, I searched the site pretty well, and there aren't any prices listed... I thought the last time I looked you had some prices listed. Anyway, it would be helpful (so I know how much I need to save) to get an idea of the price, and I'm sure folks visiting your site would like to know too. Just a thought... :)
  5. I accidently deleted it when I did the new pix. I'll put it back up. It's 995.00$ Thanks. How did the pictures fire up?
    69/70 is not a reach, I just need to one first hand before sending it out the door.
  6. Can't wait to see that manual rack for the '66!

  7. I also put on a few shots of the Bellevue meet. One is a panoramic shot in Levenworth with all the Mustangs lined up. Good picture but you might have to wait for it to
  8. :D I know of one that is in need of a good Rack and Pinion set-up.
    Have been searching for a reasonably priced kit for awhile.
    easy to reach too. Email or phone, even a letter will do. :hail2:
  9. What is the latest on the Speed DIrect kit? It is almost Christmas. I looked at the speed direct link and it says the page nolonger exists.

  10. Hi all, I just checked out TCP, they have lowered the rack and pinion to $1300 and $2000 for manual and power respectively. Sorry if this has already been stated, just thought I'd share.
  11. when this thread was started something like 6-8 months ago it was still 2500.

    but it think 2000 is still high.
  12. i just got to the end of this thread, and i really like the tcp setup but 2000 for the power is still a lot. i called speed direct this afternoon to get more info on their progress with the r&p system and was told price will be $1.000 and is being tested now and should be in production in late sping or summer 2004. if it looks like the ones they have for the bowties then i think it will be a real nice setup at half the cost.
  13. There is already a Rack and pinion sytem avalible at 995.00$ for a power R&P.
  14. The Ebay project , "FastForward", is getting the Fatman rack. It is in the Dec. issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords.

    A $1000 fo the kit that started with a membber here, that is great!!!

    Mike Lay
  15. I saw a TCP Manual rack for the first time this past weekend (installed which is a long story in itself, and one loose). It's definitely a heafty unit I was definitely surprised. I'm still hoping by the time i get around to it on my 65 the price will be even lower.
  16. I just bought a manual TCP kit for my '67 through the group purchase thing here on Stangnet. It has not arrived yet though, definitely looking forward to it though. Will be the right time to put the long-tubes on too :D
  17. What's new??

    Any news on your setup with Speed Direct????
  18. Anything new on this thread? Just remembered about sixto. Did it ever go into production?

    *Edit* I just researched it a bit. Is this the kit he designed?
  19. LOL. I was about to bump this thread up, too. I think that is his kit, Marley. Don't quote me though.