TCP power R&P now only 2500

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  1. yes, that is the kit sixto was working on. speed direct modified it a little, but that is it.
  2. hey

    what about these?
    seems it wouldnt be that hard to fab up some brackets and measure it all out.
    what do you all think? super adjustabilities! i like.
    my 66 fairlane has the big crossmember like the 70 stang(i think) not removeable
  3. whats the point? for that price just buy any number of the r&p's on the market....tcp is equal in price as that unit and uses the same p.s. servo

    you still have to factor in the cost of fabbing brackets, the u-joints, the woodward u-joint that meshes with the woodward servo is upward of 70 bucks itself, the column support and rthen the lines to-from the pump. then all the little stuff like accentric eliminators ect ect.....tcp would be cheaper

    also, where are you seeing this super adjustability at? adjustable is not always a good thing.

    maybe this would be a good thing for the highly modified track car, but not for a street car.IMHO
  4. Steeroids is Sixto's kit

    that's what I've been told anyway - Steeroids bought the plans and the rights to Sixto's kit and that's what I'm running right now. TCP is a better system, I'm convinced, but not over $1,000 better. That's why we live in America, though - FREEDOM OF CHOICE! :flag: :hail2: :flag: :hail2: . . . even if it means Aussie parts. :D
  5. yes you are right about that

    i know i thought the 70 stang had the same solid crossmember, my 66 fairlane wont fit a steeroids kit, because i have hooker long tubes, but randall says he has a 66 fairlane to work with and wil let me know how it goes, tcp kit wont work and chris says its on the backburner and not fitting as of yet. so unless randall can figue it out, i may have to go with my own design like hakans. or go roller idler and baer tracker.
  6. oh, you need a set-up for the fairlane, you didn't say that eariler. so possably there is some hope in that rack for your car.....
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  15. Believe it or not, I think the best and cheapest way to accomplish a good and inexpensive rack kit is to have someone make new spindles with shorter steering arms so that we can use all these racks available with shorter stroke.
  16. hey Shagg, if you use the bump steer kit pro-motorsports it relocates the tie rod to a position that makes it act like it has a shorter steering arm. with most j-car style racks you can actually adjust the position of the rack somewhat to help with bumpsteer. i'm planning on using a randalls rack with pro-m bump kit. it should just about even out the turning radius to what it was before the rack.

    i also plan on using a bunch of opentrackers mods like the roller perches, the spherical bearing in the LCA and a set adjustable strut rods that i will probably make myself as well. i may even do opentrackers adjustable UCA. that man has some wicked cool suspension ideas for our stangs.

    i'm pretty sure i will also do a version of his rear watts link as well, maybe a cross between his and the fays 2 kit. i already have a set of 5 leaf mid-eyes and will probably get on of GW's delalum bushing kits as well
  17. Has anyone actually tried a setup from Randallsrack? I like the idea that they use a production rack, it should be more durable..
  18. i haven't personally but there are 3 or 4 people on the VMF that have used it and all of them say it is the best rack out there. they have reported that if there is any loss in turning radius it's negligible. so far nobody has had anything bad to say about it. if you have any specific questions about it just shoot Randy and email, he should get back to you the same day or at least within the next couple of days. i myself have emailed him several times and gotten a very quick response