TCP power R&P now only 2500

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  1. Well, being a machinist, and have access to a cnc mill, if somebody would put a general plan some where, I could make my own stuff. All I'm concerned with is header clearance. I have long tubes, and space is tight.

    Red Barchetta- You don't happen to be a Rush fan do ya?
  2. "I strip away the old debris, that hides the shining car. A brilliant red Barchetta, from a better vanished time..."
    One of the greatest driving songs ever. One that will definitely be playing at high volume while I'm canyon carving in my '68 coupe equipped with our future R&P setup. Who am I kidding, R&P or not, I'm still going to be blasting that song, even if I'm sitting in the drive thru at McDonalds.
  3. Parallel Threads!

    I'm running a similar thread about anyone doing a Rack themselves! Lots of good input there. Definitely good for the TCP guy to sound in, but don't make a stand!

    So far, lot's of Cavalier votes, 200SX, BMW, Taurus, and more. I'm trying to get as many different set-ups done as possible. Please tell me your stories. All of the above racks (EXCEPT THE TAURUS) have a small moving center block, which could easilly have an adapter made to locate the Mustang's center link, or fab a new center piece. In essence, the TCP system.

    Keep your ideas coming!
    (how 'bout TCP offering an "economy package" without the fancy plating and CNC stuff?)

  4. Re: Parallel Threads!

    That won't ever happen - offer the same performance but with less looks - then everyone one will buy that and TCP can't continue to rape their "valued" customers.

    I think the only way to get a cheap power R&P setup is to create a sweet setup and do it as "public domain".
  5. Public Domain

    Any Legal Eagles out there who wish to help us out here?

    I think we have a good design team, a manufacturer, and advertising all set between all the participants of these two threads.

    What are our options?

  6. If their overhead is from insurance, then why don't places like Woodward or Appleton charge ALOT more for their stuff? Same with brake companies like Wilwood?

    My Wilwood boxes all say for "RACE USE ONLY" - and of course, for racing, bad things can happen so there's really no such thing as liability there anyways (use at your own risk). So what is a rack setup was done up for "race use only" as a disclaimer - and if you use it on the street it's at your own risk.

    If every company out there thought like TCP - then someone like Wilwood would charge $1,300 for their front disk package instead of $612!
  7. Let me know what you think.........I was looking at the rack on Boostn's Stang and it looks like with the TCP rack you keep your orignal inner and outer tie rods?? If that's that case, even if it's not, what if we use the rack that has the center section that moves. Make be "bracket" to attach to center section and drill holes for the tie rods?? The stock length tie rods will be used but I think the rack should be positioned so that the tie rods are in the same position as they are with the orignal setup. Follow me?? This way the geometry will be the same as orignal! Good... Bad??? I think that the crossmember will be replaced with the rack but just something to think about!!
  8. here's a pic of the rack
  9. anyone look at the new Mustangs Unlimited catalog???

    TCP R&P power setup $1595.00.... can it be???

    oh 115
  10. I haven't seen it - but don't get too excited. If Mustangs Plus is still selling it at 25 million dollars, then no way someone else is selling it a grand cheaper - I'm sure the pricing is out of date - remember, it takes at least a month or so (if not longer) to print up a parts catalog.. That's ALOT of content to get just right. Just like the phone book is only 90% accurate when it's first delivered.
  11. Magazine time!


    I've been given the go-ahead to write the article about R&P steering systems, including homebuilts. Tell me what you have and pics if you've got 'em. Also looking for good, clean pics of TCP installs.

  12. if this helps, i found a guy's page from VMF and he has pics of all the TCP stuff he's installed.

    click me
  13. Re: Magazine time!

    Do you want work-in-progress stuff, or just finished projects? If it's WIP, I do have quite a bit to offer.

  14. WIP's too..

    Yes, projects too!

    The context of the article will be showing what others have done, besides the commercially available stuff. Kind of a creativity showcase. I do not recall an article anywhere that covered this area, and I think it's time to show what can be done with some creativity and ingenuity.

    Show me what you've got, which rack you use, mounting, tie rods, steering, etc..

    It will be interseting to see if you follow the trend!

  15. I follow my own trend ;)

    Mine will be the cheapest of them all at less then $50. The steering shaft universals will be the difference though, that will drive it up over the $100 mark, I won't buy used universals. What's your timeframe?

  16. Welllllll.......................

    So stop teasing us!!!

    What is your system???

  17. Time frame

    Can you get something together by the end of the month?

  18. Considering my first child is 'scheduled' to be born on Tuesday :). I don't think I could have more than just a good writup with my ideas, not sure I could get any good mock-ups by then as I won't be at work to utilize the machine shop and measurement equipment :(