TCP power R&P now only 2500

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  1. Out of curiosity I called Mustangs Unlimited and they said the price on the TCP had gone's no longer the same price as the catalog......$1395.00 now for the manual......UUUGGGHHHHHH
  2. Kids and cars...


    Know that routine well! I know this doctor......(!)

    Send me what you've got, as I am looking for ideas,concepts, and project as well as kits.

  3. I contacted Mustangs Unlimited and this was their response:

    Total Control was bought out,by Mustang Depot.They are the only supplier,and the price is $2495.00,and it is presently out of stock. If you have any questions,please e-mail or call us at 1-800-243-7278.
    Thank You
    Mustangs Unlimited
    Sales Team"

    We all knew it was too good to be true. However, I don't think their statement that TCP was bought out by Mustang Depot is correct. It was Mustangs Plus that's handling the distribution, not Depot. They're probably not happy about it.

  4. You know...I heard Home Depot is selling TCP stuff too:rolleyes: :D
  5. lookie here...

    I found this. A company called Kugel Komponents manufactures a kit to put a 302 in a focus. They sell all the parts necessary for the swap, including a non-power R&P setup for $250!:eek: Power costs you an extra $100. I don't know if they manufacture said kit in house or what, but I emailed them about doing something similar for us. I even sent them links to this forum and this thread. We'll see if I hear anything back, and what they have to say. But if they can do this for a focus for that cheap, they could crush TCP's prices in a heartbeat.

    Almost forgot link:
  6. hi guys,

    I packed up my prototype and documentation and paid a visit
    to Rare Parts, in Stockton CA. My host was Marshall Giorgi,
    with whom i've had several phone conversations about the R&P

    Marshall and I sat down and outlined what I hoped to learn from
    my visit;

    1. Are the three outer t/r part numbers available off the shelf?
    If not, how hard would it be to make them?
    2. Are the three inner part t/r numbers available in a longer
    Length? if not, how hard would it be to make them?

    Together we poured over my spreadsheets and Marshall double
    checked a couple of parts numbers in their system. He agreed
    with my conclusions that only three inner t/r and six outer
    t/r part numbers would cover almost all of the Fords from
    the early sixties to early seventies.

    We were both stumped by the part number for the early Mustang
    because of it's small .448" taper, and lack of application listing.
    Taking the part number we went out to the warehouse and he
    actually found one on the shelf. Rare Parts has an extensive
    sample inventory. They claim to have one of everything, and it
    sure looks like they do.

    Marshall then took me on a tour of the rest of the plant. They are
    certainly ready to back up their claim that if they can't get it,
    they'll make it. They have an extensive inventory of every suspension
    part you can think of. And they have a huge inventory of components
    to make anything you need. Their machine shop area is very clean
    and well lighted. I saw lots of different parts being made, centerlinks
    and ends, stainless sway bar links, and power steering eliminators.

    We then went into the testing facility where Marshall introduced me
    to Danny who's in charge of breaking things. They had a whole cabinet
    filled with parts that had been stress tested to failure. We then reviewed
    my design for the center link and tie rods for the conversion. They said
    some nice things about my plans, it was great to have my ideas
    acknowledged by folks who do this for a living.

    Danny mentioned that it takes 6000# of force to pull the late 80's Ford
    inner tie rod apart. By coincidence he had one of the part numbers I
    had identified on the bench about to be tested. After going over my
    earlier conversation with Marshall, Danny agreed that our next steps
    are to answer the two issues above.

    Finally as Marshall walked me out and he agreed that sourcing or making
    the parts need for my R&P kit is definitely something they'd be interested
    in. He said they would also be open to making the special studs, tubular
    center link, and spacer block. I need to get him spec drawings so that
    he can put together a complete bid.

    This visit was a huge step toward making the kit available for purchase.
    their design advice, their production capacity, and their enthusiasm will
    ensure that the kit will be robust...
  7. sixto - seems like you are making some great progress. What rack will you be making the brackets for? How much are they going to charge to make the brackets, and how much will your kits be?
  8. Sixto - sounds very promising. Keep us all posted
  9. Great News Sixto!

    Glad to hear you're on your way!

    I'm in the middle of writing the article, and need some pix of your stuff. Do you have anything? Please let me know ASAP!

  10. I have a good friend that lives near Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently working on a "Salvage yard" R&P donor setup that is about to bust the dam wide open on the seemingly never end quandry everyone has about what salvage yard R&P units can be made to fit these older Mustangs --and for FAR LESS than the TCP and other setups!

    He still has a few more things to do in getting it completely ironed out, but I'm very confident that very soon, the rest of the Mustang and Ford related world is about to be bestowed with his discovery!
  11. YEAAA!!!! Keep up the good work guys!!! Amazing how someone from way across the world (Sweden) is trying to develop and alternative for our R&P woes!!!! Sixto...sounds like things are going your way!!! Please keep us posted!!!

  12. ah, the joys of the internet :)
  13. I called Danny Bahn today........he said that he has had a R&P for 18 years and it has been in numerous magazines. He doesn't make a manual only power...gave me a list of what it comes with. He said that every year they improve on now comes with adjustable bumpsteer stops. When I checked my email he had emailed me today with a list of parts and a price list. Hope this helps.

    I'm waiting to check out sixto's stuff.....keep us informed!!!!!

  14. I can't wait untill I have one so people who get to see it will say "hey, nice rack!"
  15. All these racks!!!

    hey Stangers!

    Lots of info for the article! Thanks for all your help, and I'll keep you posten on it's progress.

    I did not know there was so much out there to update the steering on a classic Pony!

  16. Have we gotten any further with this? I know its not a mustang, but I do have a falcon which isn't too different.
  17. yeah, I'm curious too...
  18. Have ya'll seen this guys site???

    It hasn't been updated in a while, but he's done some cool stuff. Point at "steering" and then click on "rack and pinion steering" for his attempt. Seems pretty straight forward, but his steering universals look like they might cause some exhaust interference. What do you guys think?
  19. y'know, my TCP window sticker cost me 10 bucks. I'd take it off in protest but I can't afford to lose 10 bucks, lol.

    I'm very interested in cheaper alternatives to TCP suspension and steering products. 2500 bucks for coilover suspension? Not in the next ten years.
  20. Not to rain on the parade, but I question how his bumpsteer and turning radius will be. Looks like the rack he's using has end take offs, as opposed to the center takeoff that early model Mustangs and TCP uses. This will definitely have an affect on bumpsteer. Also, with the end take offs, that tends to limit the amount of travel in the rack. But those are just some observations, since it doesn't look like he has the car all back together, we'll have to wait and see.